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  1. I must have some mistakes. Thank you everyone for the reminders
  2. It sounds like you are encountering an issue with the Content.xml file not being recreated in SU10 after deleting it, when previously the sim would generate this file in the shortcut folder. In that case, I would like a few things to try: - Restart the sim and check if Content.xml is generated after launching again. Sometimes a restart can trigger file recreation. - Ensure the folder shortcut is still valid and pointing to the correct local package location. The sim may fail to write files if the target folder path changed. - Check permissions on the target shortcut folder. The sim needs write access to generate Content.xml there. Try running the sim as administrator. - As a test, point the shortcut to the default Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 folder location and see if Content.xml generates there. - Repair the game through Origin. There may be some corruption preventing proper file creation. - Try moving the Package folder out, deleting localthumbcache.package, then restarting. This can reset package caches. - If nothing works, you may need to do a fresh reinstall of the game. If one of the solutions above works, please let me know. Good luck!
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