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  1. Hello all, Just recently started setting up a simulator in lieu of the real thing (older private pilot) and getting familiar with many interesting items. I recently purchased both the Garmin 530 and 430 RealityXP software and trying to get it to become the default GPS in the panel for the C172 SP in X plane 12. I also have the Flightsimbuilder GNS 530 "real" GPS to enable use of tactile buttons and knobs. So... Step one: how do you set up the RealityXP ".ini" file(s) to make their GPS show up as the default GPS for X Plane 12's C172 SP? After that, how would I integrate that back to the Flightsimbuilder GPS? I think I may have to re-run their setup file and all that, but first things first: getting the default GPS to be the RealityXP version. Supposedly, their latest software is supposed to work with X Plane 12 but right now I have both of the GPS's floating on the screen rather than show up on the 3D panel. Forgive me if I missed the answer in this thread, but I'm still familiarizing myself with the ".ini" information and their user's manual. Thanks in advance! hthampton62
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