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  1. I hope someone can help me. When i use the Tobii 5 in the F16. When i looking straight at the screen with my head> then i see my control panel left down on my screen. If i turn my head to the right and i look up, I see my HUD display. I can`t get it centered, When i look straight in front of me i see the hud display. when i fly the TF-510 the tobii works correctly. I have contacted Tobii support and they say it is in the settings of teh F16. I have reinstalled the Tobii software and DCS world software on my PC. Problem remains. I have tried all settings but nothing works. Does anyone know the solution for this problem? I`ve been dealing with this problem for weeks, and i really don`t know what to do anymore.
  2. I don`t now if this is the right place for my question. But i hope someone can help me. My Tobii 5 eys tracker works well in MSFS2020. But when i use it in DCS World and ai turn of it temporarily, it doesn`t center itself on my HUD display. Then he centers himself looking downon the left. I can`t this changed. I have tried everything, reinstalled Tobii 5 software, but it doesn`t work. Does anyone have an idea what 1,m doing wrong?
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