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  1. Thank you to everyone who has given me a friendly welcome! I have FS9 up and running with only minor hassle, and the HOTAS and rudder pedals are here. I have a car seat being delivered in 2 days. Will start flight school shortly.
  2. I am very new to the hobby and bought a Saito X52 off of FB. My intentions are to run FS9 on my low spec laptop. The seller also threw in a control box with 2 Arduino boards, LCD display and a bunch of dials and buttons. Was told that it should work if I can get it wired up. The 10 wires run straight to the top dials so I figure they go in the board on the right. I imagine there is code on the boards but how does my computer/ FS9 see the signal?
  3. I am new to the hobby and just bought a Saitek X52 off FB for $30. Seller nicely included a control box. "Not working." Can anyone ID anything about this? I'm planning on running FS9 and it would be cool to have something to control altitude and heading on AP. If I can't get it wired up correctly how difficult would it be to mount new banks of digital knobs?
  4. Hi. My name is Mike and I'm a temporarily retired expat in Thailand. I have some time on my hands recently and figured I would engage in some bucket listery and do some real sim flying. My budget is a combination of "as cheap as possible" and " best bang for my buck." HOTAS and rudder pedals were a must. Bought those off FB marketplace today. Very slim selection of rudder pedals so the "bang/buck" quotient was filled by a quality pair of racing pedals. A slightly used Saito HOTAS later and controls shopping is done. $75 poorer but all right. Stuff will be here on Wednesday. I will either build a rough 2 x 4 or square tube steel cockpit. Program? Both of my objectives are satisfied by FS9. Took several hours to install and get running but it seems to be OK. There seems to be a some free content available for this little gem hehe. Since I am super noob and I love that kind of main character energy I will probably do a build thread. I also might have questions and end up on the apparently dead FS9 board. Sounds like fun.
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