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Guest mmcevilley

757 Impressions

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Guest mmcevilley

It's been a while since I've had the time to enjoy my PMDG products. Last week I was away on business travel and did not get to download the new 757 until two days ago. I had the chance to fly it for the first time last night.First off let me go back a bit: I absolutely loved the FLY!2K "sim engine". That engine - when coupled with Terrascene 1 was a great simulation base and "visual" package that was equally well complemented by the PMDG products. When the transition to Fly2 occurred - I was - shall I say - much, much more than disappointed. Lots of glitz - yes - but in my opinion - a serious loss in fundamental stability and no support for transitioning Fly2K scenery add-ons to Fly2.As a result I lost interest and decided to wait patiently for the forthcoming 757.Well - its here! And I'm very, very pleased by not only the functionality (guys - I'm sorry - but I really, really dont care at all about the external visual models, opening doors, etc, etc) - my thing is the way in which the aircraft responds to control inputs. It is very realistic - not game-like.The FMC and associated systems (the bread-n-butter for me) is OUTSTANDING! I'm really looking forward to putting it thoroughly through it's paces. I've done a few short SAN-LAX hops flying the published departures and its a real sweetheart of an aircraft to fly.So to the PMDG team - thanks for bringing back the fidelity that existed and then taking it beyond what it was before. And to Rich Harvey et al - the continuous tweaks are appreciated and well-worth the effort - please keep the dream alive!Best wishes for your continued success.-michael

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