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LSGG sid star

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Here it is, have fun with them.Just a few note for the users:1/ regarding SIDSyou will notice that there is almost sor all sids a transition named as the sid. It is because there is for almost every sids the integrated formula: TRK 226 UNTIL 7000 NOT BEFORE 8 FROM NAV AID GVA.WHEN YOU SELECT A SID, AND IF THERE IS A TRANSITION NAMED EXACTLY THE SAME? USE THE TRANSITION. IN THIS CASE THE 737 WILL CLIMB AND MAINTAIN THE REQUIRED TRK UNTILL REACHING THE MINIMUM ALTITUDE BEFORE STARTING TO TURN..IF THERE IS AN EASYER WAY TO DO IT, LET ME KNOW AND i WILL RELEASE VERSION 12-03-02 RIGHT AWAY.2/ regarding starsthere are all there, execpt 2 of them: ULME6R transition 3P RNW 05, as well as the BENO5R transition NEMOS 3P rnw 05.There are 2 reasons for this. first I do not know how to perform with out the transition name capability, 2 arrivall having the same name for a same RNW. Second, I have decided to implement the second transition for those rnw, cause the one you have are the one we use at GVA.So if you have tha chance to be online with an ATC guy from SKYGUIDE, you won't have any problem.3/ REGARDING APPROACHESThey are ready but not implemented, this is due to the fact, that by notam they are wishdrawn at the present time. GVA and PAS are under maintenance, and said not tbe reliable enough to have retain the 2 VORDME approaches.That is about it.Next to come are:LFPOLFPGLFPBLFMNLFMLLFBOLFRSLFBDLFLLLFSTLFBZLFSBLSZHLast thing, all those will be regurlarly updated in accordance with the JEPPESEN revision service.Have funCpt Cyrille de Lattrewww.corporateaviationservices.comAsus P4P800/P4 2.4 giga/1.5 giga DDR/Ati 9700 pro 128 meg

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