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Amateur pilots point of view......1/Tune in both Nav radios to the ILS frequency of the runway you wish to land on.2/Line up, or track interception heading3/Descend to ILS interception altitude (use approach charts) if you don't have any, I usually estimate around 3500 ft AGL should get the localiser.....someone will correct me on this.4/Select VOR LOC to track the LNAV or APPROACH to track the LNAV and VNAV (lateral/direction and vertical/height) at around 1500ft decending select the alternate autopilot and both should now be lit.Of Course you should have deployed flaps, gear, and armed speed brake during this period.I hope you don't crash following my procedure......on that though....**the above information is an "idot's guide" to virtual ILS autoland, and is not for use in real world aviation**no responsibilty is taken for any damage to any virtual aircraft or other assets resulting from an aviation disaster of any proportion**on a further note the above information is complety incorrect and should not be followed, by anyone at anytime for any reason**That should do it.....

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