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  1. Your best bet on this one is to post on the FSPassengers forums @ http://www.fspassengers.com/forum as this is add on product specific.
  2. Ahhh the good old Commodore 64. I used to have the Apollo 11 game (from memory) and that America's Cup game - fantastic - but as you said, took forever to load - even during the game!!
  3. I think the taxiway markings are a great idea! The pink line only appears if you are flying offline and using FS9 ATC. Too bad if your online or using something like RC4.The option to turn it off or on is also excellent!Well done at such a creative idea. I have limited time for simming nowdays so the least time I spend searching for charts etc, the more time I have in the sim.
  4. Hi Eric,it was soooo long ago, maybe it was a beta thing :(I can't remember having the AOA indexer as an option not to be there - will have to check. If your selecting a 737 and getting the 744 options module there is a problem with the installation. I just reinstalled everything and all is fine.What is the PMDG options module version your running?Should be 3.50 from memory (just checked my module folder version all else fails, remove all files (ensuring the folders are removed) and try again.
  5. Eric,from memory this is the correct installation order:1/ 600/700 V1.32/ 800/900 V1.13/ 600/700 model updates4/ 800/900 model updates5/ 744-400 V1.16/ 744-400F V1.01please ensure this is the correct order.
  6. Bruno,in all seriousness, your posts are absolutely out of line. If you have bothered to read the manual at all your will find the answers to all of your questions. It sounds to me like you just want to "jump in and let her rip". That is not going to get you very far at all in this aircraft.Quite frankly I'm surprised anyone has even answered your posts. Even the guys at LVLd wouldn't put up with this nonsense.
  7. Pete, I took the FedEx for a spin last night, and she looked soooo real.Thanks for all of your's and Marc's hard work on these repaints.
  8. Soooo, how did you go? As Oliver has stated, did you get them open? Have you changed the electrical system in any way post opening the doors? Please sign your posts.
  9. FSUIPC.ini file problem?? Try to delete it and restart. Don't worry, it will automatically create a new one.
  10. To operate the MAIN DECK cargo doors, you must have either APU GEN2 or EXT PWR 2 showing AVAIL also.
  11. Jared,if you position your cursor just to the right or left of the BARO dial you should see a hand with either a "+" or "-" symbol inside. Either click or mouse wheel scroll these to change your QNH. If you click just above the BARO dial, (on the word BARO itself) you can change between IN or HPA.Upgrade? definately...and it's TCAS does work with SB3. I use it all the time. The only thing that doesn't is the IDENT button.Check out the PMDG 737-800/900 product page on their website.
  12. Are you referring to repaints? If so, all of the paints on the PMDG site are high quality repaints, otherwise search AVSIM for reputable painters such as John Tavendale.

    PMDG Menu

    ahhh, well that will explain it. You currently have no option to import or export the panel state for the 737, only the 747.Sorry for any misunderstanding, I thought you were referring to the 744.
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