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  1. Not sure how you're inferring I "don't want" your help in here. I certainly didn't think or say that. And I did thank you for your input. Thanks, Kyle - will do.
  2. OK, I did just that. I'm still getting the same issue. How frustrating. Hope someone can help from PMDG? Thanks much. It appears that PMDG plane isn't "looking" at the FLIGHTPLANS folder. I think that's the issue. Can someone help? Thanks.
  3. Nothing appears when I do that.
  4. Gents, Thanks a ton for your time to reply. I appreciate it. DOWNSCC, funny you mention that technique. I did precisely that - adding ORIG and DEST, then, did COROUTE LSK. Still, had the message. I will attempt to delete the navdata as you suggested and will check back. EPHEDIRIN, will attempt that.
  5. Downloaded my .rte file from Simbrief as usual, and put the .rte in the FLIGHPLANS to the 777 and 747. Now, entering it on the FMC, it says, "NOT IN DATA BASE". This is the first time it's happened since updating to v4.1 on P3D. Can anyone help? Any ideas why this is happenign? Thanks.
  6. Did you figure out what is happening with the CO ROUTES? I am having the same issue. It says "Not available" but the .rte is in the proper folder.
  7. Dear Mike, Thank you for that. Your advice worked perfectly. Thank you! PS: Any relation to Jane Monheit?!
  8. Apologies if this has been covered. I have subscription for PMDG AIRAC for the year, and updated it on my P3D today using 1709. Departing KLAS, as soon as I put in, "KLAS" on the RTE departure, I get, "KLAS ERR: 08L RWY N/A". I don't even see any other runways at LAS. First time I've seen this. I know that they changed the runway numbers, but how do I fix this? Is this from PMDG, P3D or Navigraph? Thank you in advance. Tom Solon
  9. Oh, of course. Thank you in any event!
  10. Steve Stubbs, among with many of the others, has some amazing paints. Incredible. Thank you. Steve (et al.), would you be interested in painting some Philippine Airlines 737s? They had them at some point (classic -300/500), but I thought it would be neat to see a 737 in PAL colors again! Airliners.net has some great shots of them over the years. I was unable to post the link here.
  11. >They don't want to start improving existing products I>believe was the official word from the team.Two main issues are the lighting anomaly I stated awhile back and most importantly, the total fuel used on the FMC.After the improvement/update, these two items were perfectly fine before the "improvement". jim
  12. lostmoon


    Q-Thanks for the follow up. Are you getting the same expereince re: FMC fuel page? It is indeed an issue and never existed before the 744 release. Please... PMDG, can you fix it? Most especially the fuel anomaly. Quite impossible to record total fuel consumption after wheels down. Try it people... you'll get the same thing, if you have the latest version.Jim
  13. DD,You are an integral part of the Flight Simulator community, thank you for your service.Jim
  14. lostmoon


    I wanted to inquire if PMDG would or has considered fixing several bugs from their latest release of the 747 (FS9) series before launching all the new tin. Namely:1. 744F: At night, with the overhead panel in view, there is a lighting anomaly that occurs when the following is replicated (from L-R): CKT BKR/OVH PANEL: Turned ON once to the RIGHT from OFF; GLARESHIELD PANEL/FLOOD: Turned ON once to the RIGHT from OFF; DOME: OFF Then, on the cabin/cargo temp switched to the right replicate the following: MAIN DECK TEMP FWD: Turn all the way to the LEFT towards "C".The lighting anomaly occurs.2. 747: FUEL USED in the FMC PROG page resets to "0" upon wheels down. That wasn't there prior to the update.3. 747: Packs are not resetting between "A" and "B" after each leg of a journey. It used to do it before the latest update.If these have been addressed previously, I am not privy to it's existence.Kindest regards,Jim
  15. Thank you JS... I will do that again today just to see if it works. If not, I'll probablly have to get a new video card. Many thanks for the help.I'll report back the findings. :)
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