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  1. Virgin windows 7 installation two days ago - of course I installed thua latest drivers, since my video card was new too. Installed 13.9, could not make FSX work. Just uninstalled 13.9, restarted, installed 13.4, restated and all was fine. FSX running at limit fps. On the other hand, that Driversweeper thingy sounds quite suspicious. Never heard of it and really doubt it is any good.
  2. lowlevel

    No Love For Default Aircraft?

    Nothing beats the default Cessna 172 in its class. It has it all - nice textures, nice systems, quite OK flight model, couple of liveries, NDB / VOR / autopilot for navigation. It is a dream. For education or for VFR fun under an hour or two.
  3. lowlevel

    Flashing cursor only on the PMDG 737

    No it's not. I've never had more than one monitor and I still got that. Luckily it's gone after some reinstall.
  4. lowlevel

    PMDG 737 NGX Shared Cockpit?

    That would've been SWEET! Cmon PMDG, You already have the SDK for the NGX, how hard it is to shuffle some cockpit variables over tcp/ip?
  5. lowlevel

    PMDG 737 NGX Shared Cockpit?

    I know maybe there are easier things to implement but when you think of it, a decade in modern simming (FS9+), only one aircraft has shared its cockpit properly, namely the Leonardo Maddog. Recently, Flightsimlabs announced they will have it in their upcoming A320, but only in the professional edition which is still not clear if would sell to end users or to flight schools and such. Given the lack of multi-crew aircraft on the market (at least for MSFS, I don't know how it is over at Xplane), one would assume that pairing a best-in-class products like the NGX / T7 / 727v2 with a unique feature raising the immersion to new never-seen levels, this will sell like there's no tomorrow. Given the current market outline, surely PMDG is one of the few developers who would have the resources to pull it off. Just think of it - modern tube liners are not meant to be flown by one person. Yea, of course we do it on a regular basis when simming, but it's very far away from reality. The sales of multi-crew enhancement add-ons like fs2crew prove it. I really really hope PMDG will get the shared cockpit for us and add it to the NGX / T7 / 747v2 line. I for one am waiting ~3.5 years now to fly (something other than the maddog) with a friend using procedures and check-lists as a real crew.
  6. lowlevel

    PMDG 737 NGX Shared Cockpit?

    One feature to rule them all. To be honest, this is the only missing thing from the top tier simulated aircraft as a whole. If we can have the NGX and later aircraft with shared cockpits, that will truly revolutionize the simming again. Fingers mega-crossed for this to be in NGX patch 2.0
  7. lowlevel

    Retracting the airstairs

    Simon, if you retract the stair when shutting down the aircraft, how do you intend to get back in it for the next flight? :rolleyes:
  8. lowlevel

    Saitek Pro-Flight panels support for the 737NGX

    awesome! i'll get teh new version and see if i can send you some feedback
  9. AF should sharply improve pilot training and qualification checks. The AF471 incident coupled with AF447 just raises my hair. Montrous incompetence. They should be grounded until proof that the pilots have adequate skills are presented. Apparently they cannot distinguish a stall and all they do is just ######ty PR stunts like all female crew... #####?!?
  10. lowlevel

    Saitek Pro-Flight panels support for the 737NGX

    way to go mate! thumbs up! definitely will get it.
  11. lowlevel

    ILS frequencies in FMC not correct

    hahaha nice one Henri