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  1. Ok, but which files are affected?
  2. What are the basic central FSX files (besides textures and annotations) that Global edits or replaces?
  3. First of all many thanks to the brilliant minds of this thread (Johan and Pete) for bringing up this both useful and interesting research. I am considering to use my old ATR72 to "fiddle" around, which happens to have detailed performance tables. As far as I understand, measuring lenghts in FSX is difficult; a useful tool to overcome this could be "BlackBox Flightlogger" used together with GoogleEarth (it can record takeoff and landing rolls and measure them in GoogleEarth). My past experience with it is that is quite accurate. Can anyone please confirm that the only directly related setting (non thrust or drag related) in aircraft.cfg is "toe_brakes_scale", or there are other settings also? Are there any other related settings in .air files?
  4. http://www.simforums.com/Forums/answered-adjusting-lighting-effects-utx-europe_topic42795.html?KW=europe+lights
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