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  1. elprim

    How to Crush a Guy

    Living in SE Europe it's hard for me to believe that someone from USA/Canada considers $70 to be too much for such a complex plane. The fact is that prices of top addons have exceeded $100 long time ago and I'm afraid sometime next year we might see planes between $150-200. Now 777 at almost twice as Cloudmaster, that's something I myself can't afford too.
  2. Beautiful. Hard to tell the difference between RW and sim these days.
  3. elprim

    XP 11.0--CYTZ-KFNT

    Very nice - but as I wrote in another thread, I would really appreciate if all posters develop a habit to give some more specs at least on what is beyond default. DS
  4. Ok, this sounds encouraging. Thank you both for your analisys. I'll definitely buy it (and if disappointed I can always rollback to fsx). (This hobby is getting more and more expensive)
  5. There were some posts about this GPU few months ago, but now, full XP11 being released, can anyone with a gtx 1060 6Gb please share his experience? I know it is far from top class but 1070 costs some $200 more (at least in my part of the world where hardware prices are insane - 1080 is of course science fiction for me). I have an I7 4770K and 16G mem and single 24'' monitor 1920x1200, and one day I would also like to throw IXEG plane in the equation. Is it possible to have decent performance or should I continue to thicken my savings account? Thanks Daniel S.
  6. Ahh, got it. So I went to YouTube and yes, the OP has described everything there. Thank you Jim. Daniel S.
  7. For those of us not so familiar with xplane could you please list addons you used (weather, scenery, plane), maybe your system's specs too? (Shouldn't there be some rule for everybody posting in in video & photo forums to mention those things?)
  8. elprim

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    So how is it like to make an aircraft on xplane platform from a developer point of view? Is it generally easier than FSX/P3D? Do you have more options? Do you still have to apply many programming tricks to bypass limitations or does it work better out of the box? Is it more satisfying and rewarding to program for x-plane? Being a developer myself (not FS) I would like to hear some comparison and verdict from PMDG programmers. Daniel Sagner
  9. Just build a config with Haswell I7-4770k on Asus Z87-C motherboard. What's driving me crazy is the CPU cooler Thermaltake CL-P0607 NIC C4 4in1. Both fans are running full speed all the time. The noise is like in a real plane :( . I changed bios settings on „silent“ or „manual“ but it does not respond at all. Tried also with Asus Fan Xpert. The connector has three pins while mobo has four, so I guess there's no help. Does anyone have some suggestion? One would expect this class of coolers to have better controls. CPU temperature is about 28C(80F) while running Xplane (in a cold room), so that is not the issue. (With such low temperatures I am tempted to remove both fans and leave it just to passive cooling at least before summer comes.) Thank you Daniel
  10. Yeah, weather, seasons, torque bug are on my top list too. Everybody wants ATC&AI but I think there would be too much effort needed to make a satisfying intelligent voice communication with pilot, taking into account AI, weather, SIDs, STARs etc. Projects like this are called Expert systems for human-computer interaction and are quite complex and to me it seems it still lies in the future. (Then again, I never tried VOX-ATC and the like; maybe the future is closer than I think) Daniel
  11. Is Nvidia also preferred choice for Xplane (like for FSX) or is Radeon fine too?
  12. elprim

    Time to develop for a new sim me thinks?

    If you have FSX nicely set up and spent much money on many add-ons, it's logical if you hesitate to even think about Xplane. It would have to be significantly better in all aspect to make the shift, and right now it doesn't seem so much better. But what would you recommend to someone brand new in FS world trying to decide about the platform, and didn't yet spend on anything except good hardware? Would Xplane be the natural choice instead of so much tweaking, modifications, and limitations when going down the FSX/P3D route? Daniel
  13. I was flying on this route in real life few years ago (as a passenger of course) and I can tell you first hand it looks very realistic. Dan
  14. elprim

    Bombs on aircraft

    Ray, there are more of us who share your view.In the moment some aircraft - on-line or AI - opens fire on me in MSFS, I'll format my disc.Fighter pilots can enjoy really nice combat sims like IL2 or lomac, so why not keep FS a demilitarized zone.
  15. More and more we see people complaining about (too) long developement times for various FS addons. In fact one of such passionate discussions about an Airbus is still going on while I'm writing this.I just never understood: Are most of our favorite developers doing this job for living, for maintaing their families, full working time, or they just do it after regular working hours as a hobby for some additional income, if and when they get some free time, and wife and kids went to sleep... etc?Sorry if this is a confidential or naive question, but I wouldn't dare to criticise anybody if this is just a free time job. On the contrary, if they are pros then I can understand and share some of the nervous reactions of future customers. Having to wait much more than a year (and sometimes two) from announcemet to delivery makes people somewhat dissapointed. Though I am not involved with FS, I am an IT developer myself and can estimate quite well how much time does developement of a complex system take.No offence, no bad intention, I am just curious how it works.