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  1. Oh man that's sad news, they did amazing work. With the launch of FSX:SE if they'd only been able to hang in there just a little while longer. :(
  2. I think I figured out what was the issue. It appears the SIDs section didn't like the relative path to the SIDS directory, even though when it loaded in it parsed ok it wasn't assigning the SIDs on departure but was assigning STARs on arrival. It could have been user error though, I deleted the .ini file before I could check for my error or if it was a path thing. now I've just moved AI Controller into a master folder where I have everying and have STAR=.\path SID.\path and all is good
  3. Hi Roland, I just tried upgrading all my SIDS/STARS for YBBN and now none of the SIDS appear to be working. On the Sample YBBN it works fine, and I just spent a few mins inputting the LAT/LON for the Sample Australia YBBN - "YBBN SID RNW 01 LAV9.txt" into GIS software to look more closely at where the waypoints are. Sample YBBN: Converted YBBN (from Navigraph 1501 revision yesterday): Any ideas what might be causing the SID's in the updated version not to work? Regards, Dean. EDIT: I'll definitely hold off on any more bug reports until 1.4 :-)
  4. Just a note, AI Controller works fine with FSX: Steam Edition. It all hooks in fine, just need the updated FSUIPC client from Pete Dowson. Spent a couple of hours following AI around YBBN. Was an amazing experience. Can't wait for the new Navigraph data to come out in 24-48 hours. I'm also wondering, I work with a lot of GIS data. Is it per chance possible to have a converter to go to and from .SHP files (for point data)? Or even from KMZ/KML. This would make generating new custom SID/STARs easy for end users. They could just go from GIS software or Google Earth to design their custom SID/STARs and then quickly convert them for use with AI Controller. I'm more than willing and able to help spec out the format.
  5. Boy oh boy am I late to this party. I just spent 2 days reading every post from AISIDSTAR and AI Controller. First of all Roland you have done amazing work, I've been dreaming for years for AI to use SIDs/STARs. This is a dream come true Congrats on everything you've done so far. AI has been so neglected in FSX on this type of level since the demise of Project A.I. many years ago. Jim S. it's nice to see you again since FX beta. I'm about to go ahead and install AI Controller. I have a couple of thoughts and questions after reading through what seems like 1001 posts . And Roland I sure don't want to add to feature creep too much ;-) Ideas: 1. At YBBN and other airports most airlines only use high speed taxiways such as A5S, A4S, A6 & A5. See diagram. Now that you're able to control AI to the gate is there any way (perhaps a maximum aircraft weight assigned in the AFX/AFD/AFCAD taxiway files) to ensure airliners only use certain taxiways. Also in YBBN departing aircraft taxi out via taxiway B and in via taxiway A (or vice versa <- I need to verify which way round it is). 2. When I was learning to fly in Australia often times for traffic spacing (we'd be flying Piper Tomahawks at 70-90kts while F-111's were in the circuit), the tower would instruct us to do an orbit (on the downwind leg). If AI controller had control of any aircraft flying a regular circuit could this be an option to include to help with spacing? Basically an orbit is a 360 degree 2 min turn just to add spacing in the circuit. This is similar to what you're doing with SIDs/STARs. Might be cool in future if this was an option as well. (Just a future wishlist item but not critical). 3. Would it be possible to make the SID/STAR procedures operate on time of day? e.g. some airports have noise abatement procedures at night, so AI Controller turns off all daytime SID/STARS and only uses the ones authorized for certain hours of operation. Questions: 1. Much further into the future, how hard would it be down the track to develop a dumbed down version of AI controller (maybe a separate app) to control A) ground objects (i.e. move object "animated elephant" from waypoint 1 to waypoint 2...... to waypoint 33? B) ship/vessel traffic? One would allow us to add in animated wildlife into the sim anything from the animated wildlife (currently only available in the missions), to moving people, to custom non-road moving vehicles, to kite surfers or even surfers on waves, or even golf buggies on golf courses. Even further it could be used to place satellites in space (or at least an effect) so we can see moving satellites blinking across the sky at night. 2. Does anyone have a good UT2 .ini configuration for AI Controller? I'm about to start tinkering 3. I was just looking at Guam (AB WonPat) International Airport (PGUM) and noticed it doesn't have any SID/STARs but only uses IAP's with ILS, RNAV (RNP), RNAV (GPS), TACAN, VOR, VOR-DME and NDB/DME arrivals. Would AI Controller be able to handle any of these types of approaches? I'm assuming RNAV yes but the others not yet? https://www.airnav.com/airport/PGUM 4. At YBAF where I learned to fly they separate ATC frequencies based on departures North and South (i.e. 10L/28R is 123.6 and 10R/28L is 118.1). Would it be possible to use AI Controller to set the inbound points (mt Cootha, Target, Swanbank etc) and direct traffic to specific runways for each frequency. I'm still not clear on my question here, so please bear with me. I can clarify further tomorrow (my head is foggy after 57 pages of AI Controller posts) Humbly Yours and with Utter Respect, Dean,
  6. This is cool. Thanks Mike Singer :)

  7. Justin, that's a really good idea on distribution :-)
  8. actually one of our recommendations is to obtain Ultimate Terrain for that very purpose, the only caveat is that the nightlighting for ground textures doesn't happen, but I have ideas on ways to automate that and tero you reminded me of something else that I am aware of but forgot about that could go towards helping with that...My dream is to see dynamic lighting in sim one day... Would save a lot of time rather than pre-rendering...There may be another solution in future as well but that may be 1-2 years away...
  9. Dick thanks for that reply, yeah those are the challenges with scenery design today... And it's only going to be stretched further in future which is why I want to find a way to start streaming data...I know Christian B has done some groundbreaking work with TileProxy but FSX has some limitations as far as I understand to streaming scenery in, also the source data usage under tile proxy could be a violation of the server's TOS and put an end user at risk... I believe Christian gives a heads up about that in documentation...That's why we started down this road and hope to one day provide a way better option than Google Earth data or other imagery locations. Our code is native and designed specifically for FS. As it is GE imagery is based on satellites and images are taken at different times of days, seasons and years and really can look hokey in sim going from 15m imagery to 1m imagery and back etc... Don't get me wrong I am very supportive of Christian's groundbreaking work but the licensing issues need to be resolved...And we really need Fiber based internet connections and hosts to be able to see the whole streaming scenery aspect become a reality... It's probably a few years off infrastructure wise...I have an idea for one solution but would need a lot of programming done...Anyway we also offer extremely high resolution elevation data which beats all the streaming server hands down :-) More news on that very soon. :-)
  10. >I have just purchased the pre-order of Oahu and was directed>to the download page on FSDreamscape. I am slightly confused !Hey jjaycee...I sent you an email regarding DVD (I can answer more specific questions at our forum and want to be sensitive to avsim here)... The files are each covering one part of the island, together they cover the whole island... Sorry for not throwing in an installer just I've had to move up the move to Hawaii from Mar 1, to Feb 24, then Feb 12 and now Feb 10 and only have a few days to get a month's worth of preparations done... :-SThe final version will be different though and I'll have an installer and I have a programmer who will be creating an autoinstall routine for us, I just wanted to get something into everyone's hands to play with while we continue work...I'll get more info together and a map showing each island's coverage... In the meantime, if you know how to locate your directory to Flight Simulator X, then the easiest way to install it is to drop it into your "Addon Scenery/Scenery" folder...Most users will have it in "C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon Sceneryscenery" or something like that...You can confirm your scenery library has the "Addon Scenery" folder enabled by selecting the 'scenery library' in the main FSX menu screen or in sim by hitting 'ALT' then 'W' then 'S'....Cheers,Dean.
  11. Thanks SolarEagle for the info, I was wondering how the bandwidth was, will have to see what happens on 300 users downloading at once lol...Mike thanks for the well wishes, I'm almost ready to book the flight :-) I'm nervous and excited, am flying air china which is a worry but hopefully they've had their incidents for the year :-SOk gotta run and get some more paperwork organized... And hope that Sundays flight doesn't fill up...
  12. >Erm... Wow! >>Even though I can now go fly almost everywhere at 1m>resolution (I developed that strange Tileproxy thing), I feel>inclined to buy this 0.30m scenery... just to see what else is>possible.>>Oahu was the first location I ever tried in with the TP>prototype. It is an amazing place to fly at (and I am sure to>live at as well). Also it makes me want to look into what will>happen if I generate 4096x4096 pixel BMPs in Tileproxy>(containing that very 0.30m/pixel resolution). Will FSX eat>them or will it refuse to load anything bigger than 1024x1024>textures? In fact I have never tried...>>Christian>Hi Christian,Any advancements on TP under Vista? We're going to need a solution in future as there's stuff future tech wise that will come down the pipeline and streaming data will be the only real practical option...Would beat the current streaming servers hands down...Dean.
  13. Ok files 7-10 should be available now...The one plan with Oahu is to upgrade it for free, once we can cover the price of a commercially produced image that has a lot of the color issues resolved as this island is a beast for color correction, so this one will continue to get better...Am also planning on clouds and cloud shadow removals...Nils, I did the same thing, I snagged the autogen from my copy of Megascenery and used it when running it locally on my system, could probably do the same thing with night lighting... ;-)That way you get the best of both worlds...I did some tests on another thing tonight and to be honest was completely left in shock and wasn't expecting the test to work, but that will become apparent soon... :-)Am currently rendering the elevation data to go with the imagery and you'll be even more blown away. Last night I was flying in the island and I honestly 'felt' like I was really there...Will get these 4 Oahu demo files uploaded and then will start with the Utah San Juan County as well...Why doesn't avsim have a screenshot forum? lol... It's fun seeing what others can do and see in their rigs...Keep the screenies coming they look so cool, way better than my feeble efforts lol!!!
  14. Wow, sweet shots, hold on a second and i'll bump some more of the bgl's across into the downloads section and you should be able to grab them...I'll also try and locate the last color corrected version and get it onto the server as well... I just spent 24 hours on the phone trying to sort out a $500 transaction that a financial institution messed up and was crucial to me getting back to the USA for my citizenship residency requirements...BTW thanks for your orders guys... I'm going to do something special for you when I get across the pacific... In fact anyone who orders Oahu between now and Feb 8, 2008, I want to honor you guys for assisting with the company move...I need to lock down some things and talk with a few people in Hawaii but I'd like to give you guys something to say thanks...Your support in the last week has been so helpful and now instead of moving at the end of the month I'll be moving next week which means we'll at least quadruple our production speed and output... :-)Also if you're ever planning a vacation in Hawaii please let me know I can be a personal guide for a day...Sincerely,Dean.
  15. >Dean,>thanks for the infos and the images!>Oahu looks really impressive.>Just bought a new HD for photo sceneries only and i'm looking>forward to your products :) Thanks Nils,We should be rendering in earnest soon... I'm desperately trying to get the last $200 in airfare back to Hawaii so our team can assemble and start processing all the data...I just put the Oahu project up online and she will be completed in about 3-4 weeks at most... At the moment there's developer grade data uploading to the servers to test out the resolution, pre water mapping and much better color correction is also planned...The first county for Utah is also being uploaded to the server for those who have invested in VFR+ Utah...Exciting times, and we haven't even made our big announcement yet...Dean.
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