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Wow, near-perfect first time autoland in B736 !

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Well, this evening, I did it. Near perfect autoland into KIAD 1L, first time round in the 737-600 in PMDG colors. At 120K lbs for approach, FMC indicated Vref was about 128 for flaps 30, so I set 133 in MCP SPD. Set real wx and had significant x-wind from 3500 MSL, but did perfect LOC capture, perfect dual channel capture at 1500' RA, horrible x-wind on final that rounded on me to become a 17-knot quartering tail-wind by short final! PFD provided flaps guidance and pitch ranged from 4 to 5 deg all the way down on the GS. Annunciations seemed beautiful. AP didn't miss a beat, perfect retard, perfect t/d, AT disconnected fine by itself, I activated reversers and steered her in.Did basic FMC programming for INIT REF, T/O page, APP page, N1 page. All worked fine. Found I had to fill in RESERVES on INIT REF or else V speeds wouldn't fill in (yeow, detail!)Thanks to Randy Smith and various others for guidance and detail on getting set up for this. It's pretty glorious to do it first time round and have it all work out this well in fairly challenging conditions. Thanks!Looking forward to doing this lots more and with full FMC plans soon.Cheers!Jonathan

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This is the beauty of the PMDG product! Unlike some other simulations that can do some strange things, I have always had successful flights and landings, right from Day 1. The other point worthy of mention is that it's important to study the manuals and use the tutorials when you're a novice. I learnt this lesson the hard way when I first obtained a PSS A320 in FS2002!RegardsMervyn

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