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  1. SwervR1

    Biggest disappointments - 2014

    Hi Craig, I completely agree with your points above. As you say it appears that some people are never satisfied anyway. To be mentioning what I believe is one of the best add-ons released amongst comments about the CS777 and Blackbox Airbus is just ridiculous. To the specific points: Paying to upgrade to the same thing - complete nonsense, check the list of enhancements/additions. Also as JoshuaC says, if you believed this to be the case why would you then go ahead and upgrade anyway?? Poor FPS - As I appreciate this can be very dependent on individual systems, as can all performance. All I can say is that I always had 25+ with Airbus X and its even slightly better now. I receive no stutters and never have. I have not really been hung up on this anyway as long as the motion is fluid it doesn't matter if the FPS is 15! I purchased the Airbus X in the early days and it has been developed into quite simply the best Airbus add-on available. Regards Mervyn Edwards
  2. Hi DarrianCZE, The above advice will resolve the issue for you, but I saw this when the update became available. Just for the benefit of those who are not seeing it, Ops Centre identifies in notifications that a new version of the 300ER is available, however if you try and download it the screen drops back to the "no notifications" splash and no update takes place. Although you can download from your account, Ops Centre gives the impression that you can upgrade it there. Regards Mervyn
  3. SwervR1

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Parked in Los Angeles (KLAX) after flying in from London (EGLL) yesterday. Should find time tomorrow to head off somewhere new! Regards Mervyn
  4. Spotted on the Just Flight website today and relating to the Boeing 757:We were planning to release this add-on once it was upgraded to full FSX compatibility. It looks extremely unlikely that an FSX upgrade will ever become available and so we have decided to release 757 Professional for FS2004 only to satisfy the healthy demand from customers who tell us they are still using the older sim.
  5. SwervR1

    Rev limit

    Sorry I wasn't very clear there. It happens when reaching both the intial 250knot limitation after take off and also when reaching cruise speed.
  6. SwervR1

    Rev limit

    Every flight I have taken so far I see the EICAS warning message "Engine Rev Limit exceeded" for a split second when reaching selected speed.I don't see the msg mentioned in the manual and just wondered if this is normal?
  7. SwervR1


    Hi Revo,Didn't see your question regarding Cold & Dark answered. It is very easy to make any flight C&D. With the 744 loaded just shut everything down and then save the situation with the (semi-colon) key. Name it Cold & Dark or whatever you choose. Then any time you select the 744 just go to the PMDG menu option and Panel State and load your saved panel.Hope this helps.
  8. SwervR1

    FSX acceleration pack

    Many thanks guys.RegardsMervyn
  9. SwervR1

    FSX acceleration pack

    Hi guys,Just a quick question regarding the FSX acceleration pack. I have noted that the 744X is compatible with the pack, but my question relates to the installation sequence.I already have the 744X loaded with SP1 installed. Can I just install the acceleration pack or do I need to remove the 744X first and then re-install?
  10. SwervR1

    MD-11 Screenshots

    Hi name appears within the banner at the bottom of the message. Kreg Earhart... Does it have to appear as a separate line as well?Whoops.... you were referring to a guy further up the list...apologies
  11. SwervR1

    The PMDG MD11 - Virtual Cockpit Preview

    I too have the same issue. just little red exes where beautiful JPEG's should be.
  12. SwervR1

    B744 flight resume feature.

    Hi Bruce,As was suggested in the previous post it can be a bit fiddly returning to a saved flight, but in my opinion it does not in any way stop you from using the save feature.Also, most other add-ons now offer this facility.I find that a few things happen to my saved flights when I rejoin them. Firstly, I always fly in 2D panel and when I reload the bottom of the screen is empty with no panel displayed. A simple Shift + 1 brings this back.Secondly, the plane climbs above its current selected altitude, usually between 400-700ft but this is recovered automatically by the sim.Thirdly, I see a speed degredation that doesnt recover and I need to select Flight Change twice to force SPD.Just remembered, occassionally LNAV disengages and I need to manually intercept the heading and reactivate.Hope this helps.RegardsMervyn
  13. SwervR1

    777, FS9 and Vista

    I have just tried the 777 under Vista with nVidia 100.65 drivers with no problem except some flickering on the gauges occassionally.
  14. SwervR1

    777 pausing

    Hi Bic,I have the latest nVidia drivers but still see the problem in window mode. If you still see it with new drivers try alt-enter and see if the problem is in full screen mode.
  15. SwervR1

    777 pausing

    If I am understanding you correctly, try running FS in full screen mode, I think your issue is due nVidia drivers. I had this issue but in full screen mode all is well.Hope this helps.