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Fuel Planner problems

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When I enter all the info required into the fuel planner and then upload the fuel to my aircraft. My FMC tells me that I don't have sufficient fuel. I adjusted the weight of aircraft etc and my FMC tells me not enough fuel. So what I have to end up doing is giving a unrealistic alternate distance to put more fuel in. Is there a guide to take you step by step through the whole loading weight and fuel procedure?Thoughts?MEL

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I have never had this problem so below are the steps I go through.Use the load manager to set the weight of the aircraft you are going to fly (600, 700, 800 or 900) and save the configuration.Plan your route, including SIDs & STARs, and get an accurate milage figure. If using real weather try to determine any headwind compenent.Start FS at your departure airport and then select the 737 you will fly -it should be loaded with the weight from the Load Manager. Engines off, parking brake set.Start the fuel manager and select the type of 737 you are flying (an easily overlooked step).Enter the route milage (round up the figure), cruise alt, any headwind and any alternate milage.Press the 'read payload weight' (or whatever it is called) button - this will read the weight of the aircraft you have selected in FS.Press the 'load fuel' button and away you go.If you still get 'insufficent fuel' then I would suspect an incorrect entry in one of the above steps or you may be flying at the extreme edge of range or weight. If that is the case the FMC may correct itself once at cruise.If you still get 'insufficient fuel' then perhaps post details of the route milage, wind, aircraft type and weight so one of us can try it out and see if we get the same message.HTHDave

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