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Approach Problem at KBOS

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Hello All:I just finished a flight from KORF - KBOS on the 737-800. When I was cleared for approach to RNWY 22L at KBOS; I went to select the appropriate approach in the FMC via the DEP / ARR button. That's as far as I got; after I hit the DEP / ARR button I saw this line:ARR KBOS ---> (Button to click)So - as I usually do - I went to click the corresponding button; problem was - when I hit the button - nothing happened! Usually - I see a list of the STARS, RNWYS and Approaches. However, this time I got nothing; I couldn't even move off the DEP / ARR page (I could go to other pages - just not any "deeper" into the approach section... Has anyone else experienced this issue?The only thing I have done with the KBOS airport is download Project AI's AFCAD that uses crossing RNWYS - could that be the source of the problem?Thanks in advance!

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