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  1. Hello allI just got the Saitek Yoke & Throttle Quad. Overall the product is very good -- but I have a small problem with the clamp piece for the yoke. The clamp thing is too big to fit under my desk -- as there is only about 4-5 inches between the keyboard tray and the top of the desk.Without the clamp piece -- the yoke slides around when flying...I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and if they have any suggestions.Thanks!
  2. Hello all:Is it possible to move the 2D cockpit viewpoint up/down like in FS9? I was flying the default Lear, and tried the old SHIFT+ENTER/BACKSPACE keys, but they didn't work...Move eyepoint up/down is assigned to the SHIFT+ENTER/BACKSPACE keys -- but it still doesn't work. Any ideas?Thanks
  3. The AP works basically the same as the King Air AP. Flick the NAV/GPS switch to GPS under the heading display gauge. Then engage the AP (top-left button I think) and click NAV on the AP panel -- the plane will follow the course programmed into Flight Sim's GPS. The AP buttons can be hard to read -- but I think you can mouse over them to see what they do.The 1900D is a great prop to fly, hope you like it.
  4. >p.s. I also am having trouble with my PFD and Navigatioinal>Displays. Whenever I have it set up in the cold and dark>mode, The maps and pfd don't showup, but after completing both>the captain and FO chaecks, they remain that way. Once again,>any suggestions?The IRS alignment thing (#2) should fix this problem.
  5. Hey Christian:I don't fly the 747 very often -- but here's what I remember about it:1: You are probably too heavy to climb to your cruising altitude right from takeoff. In real life, most heavies "step climb" to some manageable flight level to burn off fuel, then climb to the cruising altitude once they are a little lighter. The FMS should help you out with the step climb stuff under the VNAV option (I think). 2: Sounds like you forgot to align the IRS. Basically, with your IRS alignment switch set to align (on the overhead panel), get your IRS position from the the FMS (I think it's on the INIT REF page). Plug that into the IRS alignment box (on the same screen I think), and then set your align switch (on the overhead panel) back to NAV. I'm not totally sure that that's the correct procedure, so you might have to fiddle with it a little.Hope that helps -- happy flying!
  6. I have the same sound card and haven't had any problems with it under Vista. How much RAM do you have?I'm not an ATI guy -- but I would start looking there first, have you tried any other drivers, maybe a version or two back?Also -- are you running FS9 with the update (released way back in '04)? You can download it here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  7. Hello all:Is it possible to increase the brightness of the blue taxiway edge lights (and/or the green centerline lighting)? I've downloaded Nick's Lightfix (v2) and tried the suggestions -- but the changes seem to only affect the runway lights. All help is appreciated.
  8. I disagree with the above post - I have a C2Duo with Vista Business and FS9 & FSX -- both perform BETTER in Vista than in XP. Frame rates are slightly lower than XP I think - but still in the mid 40s on all planes except PMDG's 744 (that one is in the 20s).FS runs better because Vista manages its memory better - keeping FS in the cache as frequently as possible. Ex. It took about 20-25 seconds to fire up FS9 in XP, but it takes < 5 seconds to get it running in Vista. I haven't had FS9 crash on me in Vista (I never it had it crash in XP either though.)If you have a choice - I would go with XP - just because there are fewer hassles. However, if you are going for the long run - Vista is the way to go (get x64 if your hardware can work with it.)System Specs:Vista Business (x86)Core2Duo @ 2.4 GHz2 GBs DDR2 667 RAMNVidia 7950 GT KO 512 MB RAMRunning Temp: 33-35 C, stock coolingPS. I have no issues with video drivers in Vista - but I only have the 7950...
  9. Hello all:I recently reinstalled FS9 -- and can't remember how to enable rain effects on the cockpit windshield (VC or regular). Does anyone remember how to do this?Thanks
  10. Does anyone have a link to Ryan's tips for FS9 (with NHancer)? I searched the forum - but didn't find anything good.Thanks
  11. After you reinstall the sim (to the new HDD) -- and any addons (ie PMDG) -- you can drag/drop the folders. Be sure to install ALL addons and patches before you drag/drop though. 3rd party sceneries, AFCADs and AI flight plans don't need to be installed -- most drag/drop nicely.
  12. Funny that PMDG sells that product in Euros even though "PMDG cannot sell this product to EU residents." :-lol
  13. Hey All:Does anyone have this addon -- if so -- how is it? Does it work in Windows Vista (w/ FS9)?Thanks,
  14. Nameless:As a systems engineer - I would concur with what others have said. There is virtually no gain by disabling the background internet services on a modern "FS quality" machine. One could argue that because you don't receive any system updates -- you are actually worse off.Furthermore, if you used N-Lite to actually remove the networking portions of the OS - it will be extremely difficult to just "add them back in" as others have suggested...
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