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HVAC Simulation

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Soo.. I was a little bored on a longer 737 flight and decided to start playing with the air conditioning. Turns out that I ended up freezing the passengers (temp went off the scale in the negative range) and then when I tried to thaw them out... their blood was boiling as the thermometer went off the other side of the scale. Yes, I had the selector on pax cabin.Using the manual climate controls can a pilot really blast the inside temps to such extremes? I don't know how the controls or packs work, but... if PMDG would be interested in a little HVAC help, I can provide the correct equations to simulate cabin temperature if the flow rates are known. The math can't be any more complicated than anything currently implemented. It's a trivial matter for sure, but it's another degree of realism that could be added without much effort if it hasn't been already.Steve Perry

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