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Posts on windscreen in 2d mode

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Hi,I do not like the post on the windscreen in 2d mode and usually try and edit it out in the bmp file. I prefer to fly in 2d mode, but the post hinders my out-of-the-window view (and in a way which I think is unrealistic).I have some trouble editing out the post in the 73 because the night lights are built into a gauge file, it seems. I just had a look at the 74 screenshots and noticed that the post is even bigger. I think it would be good to see either an option to turn this off or a convenient way to edit it out in new PMDG releases.Cheers,Bryn.

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Well it might be a issue in the sim for you but you certainly cannot claim that the post is not realistic. There are limitations and this happens to be one of them. Having only one pilot is unrealistic too. Sounds more like personal preference to me and that is ok but I seriously doubt PMDG will remove or have an option to reomve the post.[h4]Randy J. Smith[/h4]

Randy J Smith

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Guest teeloo

Hi BrynPersonally I don't mind the 737 post that much.But I must say the 747 post is huge! However... look at a good pic of a 744 fight deck. The mid post IS very big!Bryn, what probably bothers you is the fact that the center of the screen is not the center of the captains view dead ahead. You are actually looking a few degrees to the right. (10, 20deg?) Or rather, you sit with one half butt on the seat and another half on the mid console! :-)As you have in the PMDG737, there probably will be some good views on the 747 as well, where your captains view is dead ahead. (Appr view, Land. view etc.).So to give some sort of answer: the view is designed as to see the post as it is very much there in real life. The question is, do you want to use this view to look dead ahead.Honestly, most cockpits are designed like that (the not-really-straight-ahead method). One reason is to get the MCP on the screen without getting too much angle. For that you need to shift the eyepoint more to the right. The center MFD is another reason. Actually it is impossible to get a 66% part cockpit view on your home screen that is readable (the other 33% is the copilots part)That's where PMDG gave us some extra dead-ahead-views.And, if you look at the future, people will start using the VC more and more, and in that view the whole deck is pretty realistic!regardsTeeloo

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