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what runways can take 900,000 lbs. of weight?

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747-400F can have a MTOW close to 900,000 lbs. Yet I have a hard time finding runways capable of handling this kind of weight. Even the the most modern KDEN lists 850,000 (www.airnav.com) as its maximum. Interestingly I just checked PANC (Anchorage) which sees a lot of 747-400Fs and some of its runways can handle full 900,000. Well, at least there is one! But I wonder how many airports in the world are 747-400F max-weight friendly??Michael J.WinXP-Home SP2,AMD64 3500+,Abit AV8,Radeon X800Pro,36GB Raptor,1GB PC3200,Audigy 2http://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/747400.jpg

Michael J.

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Guest Skligmund

I WAS gonna say Anchorgae (my current location)........Minneapolis? Hong Kong? Tokyo?Try Elmendorf Air Force Base, also in Anchorage.

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Guest cargo747

Hello,well, here are some of the "most common used airports" of a certain European all-cargo airline :-)The take-off weight as such is not "really" the deciding factor, it is more related to the landing weights when it comes to "sinking the 18-wheeler to the ground" :-)Some of these have a landing weight restriction (MLW) (*) of 290.000kgs (again, depending on company SOP`s) though normally take-off with up to MTOW of 396.893 kgs would be possible (taking into consideration all factors like OAT and wind direction/speed, field elevation, Runway condition and slope, flap settings, etc etc etc etc ...) ELLX, DNMM, FTTJ, HKJK, EHBK(*), HLLT, FAJS, FLLS, OLBA, OKBK, HKEL, OMSJ, OSDI, WSSS, YMML, NZAA, VHHH, OMAA, LEBL, KLAX, OIII, RCTP, VTBD, UBBB, LHBP, RKSI, LIMC, EFHK, SBKP, SBCT (*), SELT, SKBO, TBPB, SBGL, KJFK, MMMX, TFFF, MPTO, SCEL, EGPK, KSEA, KSFO, CYYC, MMGL, KIAH, KORD, KHSV, KMIA, VOMM, WMKK, RPLL, LTBA, OJAI, PAFA, RJNK, OMDB, ZSPDNote: Above as "rule of thumb" as again need to stress that too many factors are involved to determine MTOW for each airport and each occasion.Cheers,Norbert - CLX001CEO Virtual Cargoluxwww.virtualcargolux.orgCLX_banner_grey.jpg

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