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Ladies & Gentlemen,,I am sorry, but lately some of the posts here in this forum really are starting to tick me off..#1 What year is this ? Every time MS comes out with a new FS there is always pissin and moanin about something. I am can admit that I am not one of the true veterens of FS as I started out w/FS95. But geez, we're still in 2002. UMMM,,,, what's the newest version???? It went from 95 to 98 so how can anyone say that the new one is 04'?? #2 The pissin and moaning is justifiable when FS is first released in any year/version..It gives us/them (MS) an idea of the problems that are occouring and we can work to rectify them.. In my case FS2K was a P.O.S. in almost all regards, no matter what was done to rectify it. Now we have FS2K2( THANK YOU MS !!!).... Light years ahead of 2k, and on many systems where 2K was a POS, 2K2 shines. So what do we do about it ?? Donot complain to to the (especially freeware) designers why something just doesn't work the way you'd like.#3 MS has provided "all" of us with the most spectactular set of SDKs ever seen so far, (Including GMAX and XML among others, they may not provide everything,, but a hell of alot better than nothing ) they opened up the bowels of FS so we can make it the way we want it. I cannot think of any other program that they have released at any time where they open it up so we can make it better and with such openess. 9 out of 10 times there are ways to make make it better by your own means. Spend the time and try it. #4 We all have a wish list... Get this, ( take w/ a grain of salt ) MSFS is now on the verge of being a FAA certifiable training tool.. Are you willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a sim that you're still going to complain about? It could happen if it becomes such. ( Meaning if the FAA puts its stamp on it. ) I think not. In order for them to keep the cost down they have to skimp on some of the finer details but yet provide us with the SDKs/ other to keep us happy. We whine too much,, we're lucky after 9-11 that MS "IS" even thinking FS2k3,4,5,6,7 #5 Many of the payware aircraft/panels etc.. we buy are from very experienced designers (now) that started from waaaayy back ( And at that time freeware) . They may have the same opinion as I do now. But they stuck with it.. Do you think with all the $$$ MS has that they donot purchase some of the payware items available to evaluate them to make FS better?? Better yet, I bet there's a secret screename that downloads freeware every single day... And gets paid well for doing it !!!Here's to all the freeware/payware designers :-beerchug !!! Keep it up. I hope there are more willing to dive into it to make it better for us all.. Again,, sorry for the rambling.. Just a couple of posts really rubbed me the wrong way. I think I will go fly now.. Regards,Roman

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