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OT: Sorry but I need help? lol

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Hey guys, Sorry this is a bit off topic but I cant find help anywhere else and this is the closest place in my opinion that I could get it elsewhere. I know a lot of ppl in here now own DBS Walk & Follow so they could get wing views for the 744. I recently bought this program to add a little extra fun to my long haul flights with PMDG's awsome plane. ;-) Now i've run into a problem, I cant seem to find anybody in the IGFly forum, its dead. Anyway ill stop beating around the bush, the problem is after switching around views, going in and out of Walk mode, etc repeatedly I get a menu error, the menus at the top of the screen dissapear and im only left with the title bar. Then if I hit ALT to try and get them back FS crashes to desktop. This has happened a couple times now, I read that DBS patched this problem in their version 1.06 which is the one I have installed and activated but yet I still seem to have this problem. Does anybody who owns this problem experience the same things and if yes, how did you fix the problem is what im asking? Any help would be appreciated and again sorry for the OT post but its really getting on my nerves that I spent 25 dollars to make FS crash :-mad :-hmmm Regards, Tom

Tom Moretti


Intel i7-7700k @ 4.8 Ghz - MSI Z270 Gaming M5 - 16GB DDR4-3200 Gskill - Nvidia GTX1080 - Corsair H100i V2 - 500GB Samsung 960 EVO m.2 - Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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Guest D17S

This might be equally off, but I had wierd problems with window overlays, menu displays and CTDs with Squawk box running. The solution was to turn 8xs anti-alias (video card properties) down to just 4x. Fixed it in one swoop.

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Guest SKireyev

Hey Tom--Sorry to hear you're having problems. It sucks when you shell out hard-earned bucks, and then things like that happen. I have Walk and Follow, although I never upgraded my version 1.4, so I am not sure if this problem surfaces in later versions, but I have never had any issues with it. I am not 100% a fan of the program, but it does it's job fairly well. I actually use in conjunction with F1 freeware utility (F1 for fine control, W&F for fast movement and saving positions).I did have an exact same issue that you have pointed out, which in fact was not connected to any FS software, but was rather a driver issue with my video card. I am the (not so) fortunate owner of a 7800GT and the wonderful driver issues that that card brings along to FS (texture abnormalities, crashes in windowed mode, etc.; just ask Ryan aka Tabs in this forum, and he can keep the list going). I now run MSFS strictly in full screen mode, and if I have to switch to another program, I just use the Win key on the key board to pop up the start menu. That does preclude me from successfully using some programs that run good only with MSFS in windowed mode (aka Squawkbox), but it doesn't bother me too much. I just set everything up and run with the sim in full-screen mode. You have a Radeon, so you might be able to search out better drivers. Go into hardware forum and search for people having similar issues that have a Radeon card, and ask what drivers they ended up using to resolve the issue. As for a large number of simmers with 7 Series cards, we are just stuck with old drivers, until the driver geeks at Nvidia stop playing Quake at work, stop blaming the user setups and actually address the issues in action rather than in release notes.Sorry for the rant...-----------------------------------------Sergey Kireyevhttp://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/pmdg_pf.jpg

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