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Guest KemoF15

Superb product. Need some help on FSBuild 2.2 exporting to PMDG FMS. I downloaded latest AIRAC with SID/STARs etc. I exported flightplan from FSBuild to squawkbox 3 and 737NG. I started up and could not find the flightplan/NAVDATA that I built. I noticed FSBuild 2.2 has not yet updated with the new AIRAC (6.06 I think)and I exported to 737NG but ended flying a 737-900. Operator error?No biggie...I built it from scratch on the FMS (awesome) but it was a tad labor intensive....What's the process exporting from FSBuild to the FMS?Thanks!KemoF15

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In the FSB "OPTIONS" folder symbol in the left pane click on that and then the lower tab "EXPORT DIRECTORIES" and you browse to your FS9 folder by clicking on the BROWSE button in line 1. When you do this you'll notice line 10 will autofill the path for the 737 (which is the same for the 747) flight plan folder under the PMDG folder. Next, click on the lower "SETTINGS" tab and click on "SAVE CONFIG OPTIONS". Close and restart FSB so these export folders take effect. If you wish to check the settings you saved directly in the FSB folder you chose you open up the file fsbuild2.cfg with notepad but do not edit it, you will see this section:(MS-FLIGHTSIMULATOR)FS_HOME=H:PROGRAM FILESMICROSOFT GAMESFLIGHT SIMULATOR 9AS2004-ASV=H:PROGRAM FILESMICROSOFT GAMESFLIGHT SIMULATOR 9MODULESASV6in my case. FSB assumes the PMDG folder is under your FS9 folder and the flight plan folder under that. This section should agree with browse FS9 home setting that you saved. You are now ready to export FS9 and PMDG plans.There are two ways export the plan:1. My preference is after I have finalized the flight plan (including cruise level selection for weather - I run Active Sky 6 simultaneously passing winds aloft to FSB for the final navlog and fuel planning) and finalizing the build checking the route, etc in the FSB menu bar is a header "Export To . . .". Click on that and a dropdown occurs from which you can click on "PMDG 787/747 FS" which will cause a check mark to appear beside it. I also do the same for FS9 which I need for other purposes. Rebuild your plan by pressing the BUILD button again and having already marked your export selection a message should pop-up saying the plan was successfully exported to PMDG.2. The second way is to have FSB initialize with the export option for PMDG already checked (my preference is not to do this so I only export the final route after any editing I might do). To have this export on by default in FSB again go to the "OPTIONS" folder by clicking it in the left hand pane. Once there click on the bottom "SETTINGS" tab. In the open pane scroll down to EXPORT TO clicking on the + sign if necessary to display choices. Scroll down until PMDG 737NG shows and click to box to put a check mark in it. In the same scroll window you can set any other default options you want. Click on the button SAVE CONFIG OPTIONS. The next time you start FS Build these default checked options will be active.(NOTE: Any SID/DP or STAR in your route window will be converted to discreet waypoints on the export. If you wish to use the DP or STAR from the FMC database, do not include it in the route line window in FSB except for the entry or exit point.)There are other default options you can set. For each flight if you use the FSB navlog don't forget to set in the aircraft tab your desired aircraft, cruise level, hold allowance minutes, taxi allowance minutes, alternate allowance minutes, extra allowance minutes, cruise head or tail wind (- indicates headwind), ground OAT, etc. and FSB will calculate your required fuel total for all including enroute which you can print on the navlog page.You do not need to run FSB while flying. To get the exported route into the FMC open the FMC window (while parked, of course, but ground or APU power supplied). Click (LSK) INIT PERF, INDEX, NAVDATA, FPLANS.{If any data is in the scratchpad press the CLR button.)Each LSK will have a flightplan name next to it. If the one you want is not list hit the NXT button to go to the next page of listings. Click the LSK next to the plan name you want such as KMSPKMCI. The plan name now appears in the scratchpad.Click the RTE button. If not on page 1 click NXT or PRV to get to it. With the flightplan name in the scrathpad still there, click the LSK for CO ROUTE. The name will fill in the squares. LSK ACTIVATE. The EXE button illuminates. Click it and your plan is now "live". If you wish you can edit it on the LEGS or ROUTE page appropriate to the waypoint. See the FMC manual for fine details.I hope this procedure helps you.Don't forget to check the FSB documents and the FAQ on www.fsbuild.com. You'll find a link to there support forum there which you should browse and search first before posting, just like here.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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