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Guest sirsteve

Hi folks,As a new user to the PMDG 737-800/900 i must say what a wonderful bit of software it is, its just great .BUT..........Now the questions.1. I am flying form cairns to Guam and half way over Papua Nuigini i have to leave the flight , (to sleep) and lode it again the next morning from saved flight, and the aircraft rolls right and dives to the 10000 feet which is some how dialed in on the panel.Now why dose it reset to this default , also i have to hit pause and totally reprogram the FMC a from the position i an currently at,trying to find some airport or way point to fly to to get back on track, 2 I continually get insufficient fuel,on the ground on the fmc, but after reaching cruise i find i have 15 ton of fuel at arrival point WHY..3 getting from A to B , how do you find out what way points to fly by on any given flight, i have nav charts for some of Australia, but i i want to fly to say New Zealand i can just fly direct , but not along the actual air routs, so how do you work out the actual airways and way points for any given sector.Ok that's it, hope i can get some constructive feed back to these questions.

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Hi Sirsteve,First up you need to sign all posts with a name on the forums, putting your name in the post signature is the easiest way to do it.On to your questions!1. I haven't flown the 737 for some time but it might be that it doesn't handle saved flights too well, I'll defer to a more savvy member of the forum for this one, sorry!2. To answer this question we'd need to know the fuel load you're taking, the data you enter into the FMC and the weather/temperature conditions. I do know that the fuel calculations can be erroneous at first.3. The best option is to get a hold of fsbuild, available at www.fsbuild.com - it's a flight planner that allows you to plot an appropriate flight plan. The payware version is very complex but very powerful. The free version is a little less 'featured' but suitable for most Sim flyers.Cheers and welcome to the forums!

Mark Adeane - NZWN

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1. The 737 doesn't really support saving flights in the air unless you are flying without the FMC. (ie just going around in HDG SEL or something like that) It's an old product and we hadn't yet developed our panel state saving technology that allows you to do this in the 747-400. All of our future products, including the new 737 "NGX" we're doing for FSX will have this capability as well, probably with even more enhancements.2. What are you entering for your fuel reserves value on the PERF INIT page. If it's too high, you'll get this message every time...3. Flight planning is a complex art - I personally use a combination of FSBuild 2, the VATSIM regional/ARTCC websites, and FlightAware. FlightAware is great for US stuff, you can get the exact routing that real flights are using between cities. If an international flight departs or arrives in the US, you can usually get some or all of the routing as well.

Ryan Maziarz

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