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What engines does the Queen have really have?

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Hey, im a big PMDG fan and I really love the 744, but some things bother me, it states in the FMC that the PW model has PW 4062 engines, but they only have 58,000 Lbs, instead of 62,000The RR 211-524G are correct, but is it the G model or the G/H-T ?If its the G 58,000 Lbs thrust is correct if not 60,600 Lbs are correct.And it states thet the 744 has GE CF-680C2B5F with 58,000 Lbs but this is also wrong. The 80C2B5F should have 60,000 Lbs I would like this to be clarified, because it really is confusingThe 4062 is only used on 1 airline op. the 744 so keep or change it to the 4056The rr 211-524G/H-T is more spread than the older G so change that aswell.The 80C2B1F is also more spreat than the 80C2B5F so change that too.Maybe only the entries in the FMC under IDENT page are wrong?Cheers LeoLeonardo CalzoniGermany

Leo Cal 


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Guest PalmerFan4Life

This is odd i decided to check out the aircraft.cfg just to see for myself and all i could find was this.[TurbineEngineData]//// Model : CF6-80C2B1F ~58K//fuel_flow_gain = 0.0036 //Gain on fuel flowinlet_area = 61.283 //Square Feet, engine nacelle inlet area [d=106 in]rated_N2_rpm = 13635.0 //max RPM HPCstatic_thrust = 58000.0 //Lbs, nominal SLS adjusted thru EECafterburner_available = 0 //Afterburner available?reverser_available = 1 //Thrust reverser availableI couldn't find any entries for the PW 4062's or the RR 211-524G's

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Hey, i checked the aircraft.cfg aswell and l after doing 20 take off`s with all 3 engine types, in Fly Tampas SFO add on airport, i noticed that they are followingAll T/O`s were at maximum thrust and same weatherPW 4056RR RB211-524GGE CF6-80C2B1FBecause at SFO i have remaning rwy distance signs, and they all took off at the same point with a difference of a coupe off feet.I did my test with a ZFW of 525,000 Lbs and 30,000 Lbs fuelAll planes had the same Rotations speed after the same time recorded.So the error PMDG has done is put the wrong names into the FMCentered in FMC are PW4062RR RB211-525G ( Only correct one)GE CF6-80C2B5FBut they are actually PW 4056RR RB211-524G ( Only correct one)GE CF6-80C2B1FAll engines have a correct thrust rating of 58,000 Lbs

Leo Cal 


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Guest Ryan Briggs

do you have the PMDG 744F installed? in the 744 although the external was changed i believe the engines remained GE models, with the F they took the trouble to Reprogram the FMC's and Model the PW's and the RR's

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The PMDG 744 PAX has THREE ENGINE MODELS but ONLY ONE engine FDE - it is the GE engines only which are used for the flight model but the EXTERIOR models have all three variants RR, PW and GE. So the performance of the aircraft (PAX only, not the cargo version) is GE performances.This is stated in the manual.John

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