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747(F) Strobes Key Assignment

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Having installed the 747 & 747F several times over the past year or two, I have yet to ever find a way to assign a joystick button to the strobes toggle switch using FS9 or FSUIPC mapping. It works in the 737 and all other vendors but not the 747(F). I can't beleive this was missed in beta testing, twice no less. It just seems odd that the one switch, which must be toggled twice on every flight, didn't get a proper variable assignment using the same code that every other plane in FS9 uses. Could a possible fix be for PMDG to release an updated PMDG 747 key- assignemnts list with "Stobe lights" in the key list? At least that way we could assign a key-stroke to the strobes and then map that key-stroke to any joystick button in FSUIPC.Sorry for the whinning, but I have everything else mapped to buttons so I don't have to open the overhead view during departure and landing except for this one quirk. I did do a quick "strobes key" search in this forum with no relevant results so I hope it hasn't already been answered or too far out-of-line.regards...AL | KCHS - Charleston AFB/Intl | USAF 437AW (~53 C-17's)FS9/Game Rig:AMD64-4000+ SanDiego OC=210/420/2520 | Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe | Corsair TwinX2048-3200C2PT (2x1GB) 2.5-3-3-8/1T@2.8v | Evga NV 7900GT v84.56 (1280x1024x32/4xAA/16xAF/High-Quality) | Enermax 550W PSU | Thermalright XP-120(mm) HSF | NV 1GB LAN | NV SATA-I Raid-0 223GB (3x80GB Samsung) (WinXPx64/Games) | NV SATA-II WD 320GB (Backups) | IDE-0 80GB Samsung (Archive) | Realtek AC'97 5.1 Surround | CH Yoke, TQ, & Pedals | FS9.1 (Settings max'd/60-40Vis/No-Shadows/20FPS) | WideFS v6.16 | FSUIPC v3.617 | FSGenesis Mesh (All) | PMDG (All) | PAI (All) | FSBuild2 | EtcFS9 Support Rig:AMD3200+ | Gigabyte GA-7NNXP | Leadtek NV 5900 | Corsair TwinX1024-3200 (2x512MB) | Intel 1GB LAN | SiI3112 SATA-I 80GB Samsung | IDE-0 80GB IBM | JustCom 4port KVM | FS Wide Client | ActiveSky v6 (512x512x32bit / Wx Influanced)| Radar Contact v4.01 | FS Real Time | FS Flight Keeper | FS Commander | AI Smooth

Al Jordan

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