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  1. There was nothing wrong with it...
  2. I think this just needs to be reverted back to the way it was; most of us are not using 4K monitors and have no issue with the panel sizes on the NGXu or the 744. Editable or not, the panel starts very big with every new session and becomes quite annoying.
  3. Hi all, I remember supplying the Alpha yoke ID when it first came out, and having received the HC Bravo Throttle Quad today, I thought the new ID may be useful as well. The 'Bravo' is currently listed as 'Other' under the Linda "Setup Joysticks" tableau . 294B19010 ● Bravo Throttle Quadrant → Axes: 6 Buttons: 48 Hats: 0 [A6F52D0920273B0]
  4. Hmm, I forgot about the Setup-Joysticks page (been a while); I had simply started editing buttons. I just changed the name and type fields, and now everything appears as it should. ID: 294B19000
  5. Hi all, Just a quick note that my new 'Alpha' yoke from Honeycomb Aeronautical is showing up in Linda as a "Other Device." So far no real issues programming the buttons - but I wanted to offer any possible assistance in getting it formally recognized in a future update to Linda. Just let me know if I can help... Regards,
  6. Seems to me... LM releases P3D updates every May and November timeframe. 4.6 coming in November, perhaps?
  7. Having come across this thread while investigating the mode-switch on my own Saitek Cessna Yoke today, I wanted to report back my findings. Using the latest Linda on my Win10-1809 P3Dv4.4 rig, I did not have to remove any Saitek/Logitech drivers as described above. In reference to the Saitek "Note:" on page 7 of the Linda (3.0.6) pdf manual, I began looking for the SaiD0BAc.pr0 file, to no avail. I did however find ..\Windows\System32\SaiD0BD3.pr0 (thinking, hmmm, maybe slightly different for the Cessna flavor of the Saitek yoke?). When the heck, I took ownership of the file and added full control to the local administrators group in order to rename the file to SaiD0BD03.pr0.off. I assigned Unshifted, Shifted1, and Shifted2 to my Cessna Yoke buttons 23, 24, and 25, respectively - on all three shifted Linda pages. Whala - Success! Tested perfectly, including the documented beeps when shifting modes. Hope this might help any other Saitek Cessna Yoke users in the future.
  8. Thanks for the update, Robert! Any chance you can elaborate just a bit on what Chris Powell's Windows Diagnostic capabilities are? Many of us flightsim enthusiasts could always use an extra Windows tool or troubleshooting method. Perhaps just a URL or Google phrase to read-up on? Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and yours...
  9. Can't you at least take a few moments and see if the existing FSCrew 747 product will interface with the 748 at some level? Maybe it just needs an updated FS2Crew Manager to modify the 748 panel.cfg? Have you at least looked? Then, bring the ECL features into play at a later date. Pushing out new products should take a back-seat to supporting existing customers.
  10. Dang it! Decisions... Decisions... I got tired of reading and anticipating - so what did I do? Cranked up the QOTS-II and started an 11 hour hi-quality long haul from KSFO to LOWW - now over Greenland. In the meantime - I've download the 744 update and purchased and downloaded the 748 using the WideClient PC, without issue! Now what the hell do I do, dump the flight 6:15 minutes in? 4x Speed is activated and the happy-hour is in progress' :) Guess I'll wait and take delivery in Vienna! Great Job Rob and all the PMDG staff! I have always looked forward to release day and this is no exception! :) Greetings from Florida...
  11. Unless I've screwed this up (but it did make the Simconnect Msg Window go away), I edited the gsx lua file with Notepad++ and commented-out the following line: GSX_Test_Display () -- just for testing to -- GSX_Test_Display () -- just for testing It's near the top of the file...
  12. Redownloaded the new gsx lib version 1.2 and the Simconnect Message Window is back (unable to close on the PMDG 777 & 747). Did you by chance leave this on for debugging again?
  13. Not sure how I feel yet about the new product - I'll keep one eye on the development for now. RSR should have said "this is not an airplane" at the beginning of the hype announcements. PMDG is know for planes. What else were we supposed to think?
  14. I am having a very similar issue with P3Dv4.2 but with the PMDG 777. All was working fine auto-starting the latest version of Linda with P3Dv4.1. I have figured out, that if I disable the auto-start of Linda in the FSUIPC.ini file and then start Linda manually after the 777 is up and stable, all is well. Something has changed between Linda and P3Dv4.2. Can anyone else reproduce my finding and work-around?
  15. Oh *******... !!!! I've been fighting this exact scenario for over a week after a fresh P3Dv4.1 build on a brand new high-end ASUS gaming system, experiencing the same symptoms as the OP. Per the above, I soon as I uninstalled the "ASUS Sonic Radar" and the "ASUS Studio 3" apps from my new build and rebooted, I could finally see some voice activity in FS2Crew. This was driving me nuts as it wasn't working in any of my 5 FS2Crew apps. Thank the lord for the support forums!!!!
  16. Yea, I wasn't too friggin' pleased with it either...
  17. It varies - the older AIA type stuff is running 1024/DXT3/Mipped. The new stuff from FAIB and FSPX is usually 2048/DXT5/Mipped and the larger 747's are 4096.
  18. There are three airport scenery developers I judge all other scenery purchases by - FSDreamTeam, FlyTampa, and FlightBeam Studios. If able, you might check-out FBST's other offerings as well.
  19. Much better with P3Dv4. Still a FPS hit, but nearly as bad as it was. A lot of the major models are already compatible, but there's still a lot of conversion work to be done by many other modelers as well. AIG is also now converting and posting some updated models too.
  20. I roll my own traffic from Alpha India Group (AIG) - the best there is. I'm only about 1/3rd done re-installing all my airlines specifically for P3Dv4 (no more crippling the textures to avoid OOM).
  21. Heavy as in 777 or 747? Of course, it's a major US Intl airport.
  22. I just did a quick test for Mir and his latest masterpiece, KMSP and the new FBST addon-manager in P3Dv4 The airport looks awesome and the new add on-manager worked great. Just what you'd expect of Mir. a Couple of quick screenies with most sliders jacked all the way up. I would expect this to be fully released very, very soon. :)
  23. Just refresh the PMDG download URL page a few times - it just needs a nudge to get you over to the Amazon servers at which point you're presented with the download/zip/save prompt. 1.2GB download at about 8MB/sec just a little bit ago. You won't clog the Amazon servers - you just gotta get there.
  24. In over 30 years of flight-simming, I can't recall such a big week as P3Dv4 and so many addon's getting updated/released in such short measure. PMDG, ActiveSky, FSUIPC5, FSDT, FBStudios, Scenery Solutions, and others. I almost can't keep up installing as new releases are made available. Now PMDG releases my Queen; looks like I'm not quite done yet for the night. Thanks PMDG - your hard work, especially in rare moments such as these are very, very much appreciated as always!
  25. OK, Bryan, please tell us you were on the beta/NDA team and FS2Crew is looking solid with v4? LOL, just kidding - but I hope you'll share your thoughts...
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