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The Horns of the FSX dilemma.

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I'm not so new to flight simming but the Queen is my first payware aircraft ( with which, I am very pleased). Here is my dilemma: After reading many of the posts, one would assume that FS9 is a 'shot duck' and will no longer be supported ie; new aircraft development and that Vista is now the holy grail to which we should all aspire. There are a heap of addons, Active Camera, FSNavigator etc. which I am investigating to make my simming experience more enjoyable but I have a very limited income and I'm not too sure whether I'll be wasting my money.I'm seriously considering the purchase of the 400F but the same dilemma applies. I also wish to purchase the 737's but again yada, yada, yada. I have about as much hope of building a Vista capable system within the next year as 'Buckley' and I'm wondering whether it would be a better idea (seeing that FS9 and XP are now orphans)just to save my dough and put it toward a new system. Anyone else having the same considerations?Jon S.

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Yep...but in my case I KNOW I'm not doing the System/Vista/FSX thing for at least (the very least) a year. Although my system could "probably" run Vista and FSX (especially if the rumours are true that FSX will now use the graphics card resources, rather than being a CPU hog), I have no desire to shell out the money for a new OS and FSX...and find out I was wrong. My case is different than yours, Jon...I've got a bazillion addons (Free and Pay) for FS9 and could happily fly it for the next 2 years. Heck...the PMDG 737 will probably keep me busy for that long, all on it's own! This also has the advantage of letting me read about issues with Vista and FSX...without actually having to HAVE one of the issues! :( By the time I'm ready for it all, I'll be armed with all the info I need...without having to go through the pain. In the past I always jumped on a new FS release...not this time. The expense is one thing but I'm not at all sure I'll EVER buy FSX...it's becoming a "game" now, not a pure "simulation". It's all "eye-candy" and pretty pictures and "missions". HMmmph! I want to FLY the aircraft...not take pretty pictures of huge textures showing every rivet and seam...the same huge textures which drag texture loading times down. Ever tried landing the Kingair 350 in a huge snowstorm at Fort Collins Downtown? The LAST thing you want is to look left...and wait for 3 seconds while the textures load. You need to see...NOW. The fact that a VC is REQUIRED on all FSX aircraft, another huge resource hog for those of us who fly 2D only, is another reason I may end my FS career with FS9. It's probably time, anyway...it's been 11 years for me and it might be time to move on. Vic

Victor Buck

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Vic,Thanks for your reply. Must be OldTimers disease but I just realised I posted this in the wrong forum so I'll understand if I'm chastised and It's moved back into the general area. Sorry in advance to those concerned.It seems to me, Vista and FSX go hand in glove with 'New System'. What prompted me, initially, to start scratching my chin was a comment made by one of the PMDG guys that the MD-11 may not be developed for FS9. Now, I realise that PMDG have a highly regarded reputation and a genuine committment to Flight Simming but I still considered this a curious (POSSIBLE) situation. I concede that PMDG must be driven by the market and where their offerings can generate the best outcome for PMDG but is the Simming community so darn 'cashed-up' that they are able to buy the latest, most powerful, shiny system, at their whim? I don't think so. In fact, I believe Vista may very well be too much of a quantum leap for the savvy computer user (most Simmers) and he/she will share our intent to wait a considerable time before moving on. The probability that M$ will also be instituting even more draconian PA in this new release is another disincentive. One could be excused for thinking FSX is merely a lure to encourage the traditionally 'early adoptors' of newer tech to move immediately. Banish any thought that I am resistant to change. I spent much of my life involved in Marketing, with some powerful multi-nationals, so I'm reasonably 'across' the game. You have helped me make a decision. It's FS9 and add-ons for me for the foreseeable future. Who knows? Maybe if everyone starts to migrate early, these add-ons will plummet in price. I still wonder though if there may be a lull (Marketing wise) for operations akin to PMDG if they do not continue to develop for FS9 for an acceptable period of time during the transition.Jon S.

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