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PMDG Air Force One Liveries.

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Hi All.I wonder if someone can help me with this.Do any of you have any links to the different AF1 liveries for the queen, I know it's a 200B in real life, but hey.All I can seem to find is just one livery.Many Thanks for your help.





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Guest Peter Bowcut

A guy name Ricardo Sevarant (sp) did one for the -400 and it's really very nice, best one I've ever come across. I think it was here at AVSIM for awhile before he and they had some kind of falling out, and the download was removed from the library. I have it and if you want I can email (it's around 7mb or so if your email can handle). This same guy did another update for the cargo versions of the PMDG and it's supposed to be just as good but I'm not where to download. I'll ask around because I'd really like to have the cargo version as well. Anyway, let me know.

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