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  1. G-SWSM

    Landing lights...and fog

    :( Hi All.This is very interesting. And it's something thats been going on for years, but perhaps this time we might actually see a fix for this.I'm with dallybore on this one however, and it must be an FX file or something thats calling for this to be used somehow. Or, if it's something hard coded into FS9.1 then surely we can get to it. I know there are a lot of tallented individuals out there that have altered stuff in the past to give us some great add-ons, so could they do that with this maybe!.Or is it ? On the other hand I think to myself, if this were "fixable" then why didn't the guy's that gave us the 3D Redux lights package offer or include a fix for this very annoying problem that all of us have.Wouldn't it be great to be able to download a file / mod that simply took care of this for us all without having to edit every single aircraft cfg or similar.Just my thoughts gang :(
  2. G-SWSM

    Landing lights...and fog

    Hi.Thanks John. Going to give it a try.Thanks for the heads up matey.
  3. G-SWSM

    Landing lights...and fog

    Hi.Sorry, but you still DO get that horrible triangle thingy on the ground even when using the Shockwave lights.I have tried allsorts as well.If someone has a config without it, then please post the lights section in here.Thanks.
  4. Hi.I am trying to find an alternative download location for squawkbox. the www.squawkbox.ca just won't load up, neither will the SB Forums.I have tried it in IE and Firefox, but neither of them will load.any other locations known would be much appreciated.PS why can't we download SB from the VATSIM network web site! Unless I have missed it of course.Thanks.
  5. G-SWSM

    3dLights Redux

    Hi,Thanks, but no Airbus or Concorde details anywhere to be found.Anyone . . .Thanks
  6. G-SWSM

    3dLights Redux

    Hi,What we are trying to do is Add a light section to the T7 and Concorde, but alas the aircraft config has just this > [lights]//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landinglight.0 = 4, 76.50, 0.24, 10.46, fx_vclighthlight.1 = 8, -51.93, -18.41, 0.52, fx_pss_torch14light.2 = 8, -51.93, 18.32, 0.52, fx_pss_torch14light.3 = 8, -51.93, 14.77, 0.52, fx_pss_torch23light.4 = 8, -51.93, -14.85, 0.53, fx_pss_torch23light.5 = 9, -70.94, -18.41, 0.52, fx_pss_concsmoke_AB14light.6 = 9, -70.94, 18.32, 0.52, fx_pss_concsmoke_AB14light.7 = 9, -70.94, 14.77, 0.52, fx_pss_concsmoke_AB23light.8 = 9, -70.94, -14.85, 0.53, fx_pss_concsmoke_AB23light.9 = 7, 10.91, 8.87, 4.9, fx_pss_conc_vortexlight.10 = 7, 10.91, -8.87, 4.9, fx_pss_conc_vortex1This is from the PSS Concorde, and it has no mention of Landing lights, or Strobes and Nav lights.This is what were trying to find.And for the T7 and Airbuses.Thanks.
  7. Hi Ken.It's to do with the wing flex I'm afraid, I don't know if they have done anything about it yet.ED, I as wondering how your great program makes the reverser effect come on when it's raining or snowing, how does it know this!I was just curious, Thanks.
  8. G-SWSM

    3dLights Redux

    Hi Gang.Does anyone know where we can alter the lights on these babies.I'm looking for the landing lights / taxi lights etc, for the T7 and Concorde if possible, plus the Airbus family as well.Thanks.PS the only mention of it in the aircraft config is the VC lighting ?
  9. Hi Guy's.FIXED, have a look here, someone else had probs, and Mike came to our rescue.http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=40020&page=Thanks anyway guy's.
  10. G-SWSM

    FS Repaint Problem

    Mike,You Da Man, Thanks very much for this heads up.I was having probs as well since the last MS up-date.Steve.
  11. G-SWSM

    Light positions

    "I would also like to know where PSS puts their light position info is, since I fly their Airbus aircraft frequently"I would like to know this as well, so that I can change them for the A330/340 and the Concorde.Anyone ?Thanks.
  12. Hi All,I wonder if anyone has any advice on this issue I am having.I ran the MS Up-Date last week, and since then I am having problems that I have not encountered before.I can't seem to run FS Repaint now, as it gives me a weird error message with a small box detailing what the error is. I will try and post a shot of this.And I'm wondering if this is why I was having a devil of a time trying to install the new shockwave lights as well, as their installer kept telling me that it couldn't find my FS9.1 installation, despite it being installed in the default directory etc, with nothing moved at any time.I'm running XP Pro, with SP2, and 2gig of corsair memory, and a Hercules digifire 7.1 sound card.I have not changed anything whatsoever, but just ran the up-date, and even then I un-checked some of the up-dates, such as the crystal fusion based sound card up-date, which although mine is based on it, the last time I ran an up-date and left this checked I had no sound card when I rebooted, and had to install the sound card all over again.any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.Thank you.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185901.jpg
  13. Hi Ken.No need to have a POSKY a/c, just search the file library for the reverser effect and grab it.The readme is very good in that it's not complicated (Thanks for keeping it simple ED)anyway, heres the PSS T7 300ER, and the shockwave lights as well in case you have them and wanted to tweak them somewhat.make a back-up of the a/c and panel cfg's just in case you don't like my lighting, or if you don't have the Shockwave lights, then just skip the Lights bit.Aircraft CFG [lights] light.0 = 3, -32.20, 104.80, 4.00, fx_navgremlight.1 = 3, -32.20, -104.80, 4.00, fx_navredm light.2 = 2, -35.1, -104.80, 4.00, Fx_shockwave_strobe light.3 = 2, -35.1, 104.80, 4.00, Fx_shockwave_strobe light.4 = 3, -37.7, -104.80, 4.00, fx_shockwave_navwhi light.5 = 3, -37.7, 104.80, 4.00, fx_shockwave_navwhi light.6 = 1, 49.5, 0, 13.3, fx_shockwave_beacon_h light.7 = 1, 3.5, 0, -7.9, fx_shockwave_beacon_b light.8 = 5, 33.2, 12.7, -2.5, Fx_shockwave_landing_light_small_xenon light.9 = 5, 33.2, -12.7, -2.5, Fx_shockwave_landing_light_small_xenon light.10 = 6, 105.7, 0, -11, fx_shockwave_landing_light_double light.11 = 6, 105.7, 0, -12.5, fx_shockwave_landing_light_double light.12 = 5, 34.2, 12.7, -2.5, Fx_shockwave_landing_light_small_xenon light.13 = 5, 34.2, -12.7, -2.5, Fx_shockwave_landing_light_small_xenon light.14 = 3, -32.20, 104.80, 4.00, Fx_shockwave_strobe_3light.15 = 3, -32.20, -104.80, 4.00, Fx_shockwave_strobe_3 light.16 = 3, -32.20, 104.80, 4.00, Fx_shockwave_strobe_2light.17 = 3, -32.20, -104.80, 4.00, Fx_shockwave_strobe_2[smokesystem]smoke.0 = 5.90, -27.40, 77.13, fx_pss_fuel_jettsmoke.1 = 5.9, -27.4, -77.13, fx_pss_fuel_jettsmoke.2 = 5.90, -27.40, 77.13, Opensky_revspraysmoke.3 = 5.9, -27.4, -77.13, Opensky_revsprayPanel CFG[Window00]file=main.bmp size_mm=2047window_size_ratio=1.000 position=7visible=1ident=9000gauge00=PSS-B777!Server, 0,1100,1,1gauge01=PSS-B777!PFD, 0,869,508,546gauge02=PSS-B777!ND, 508, 869, 510,546gauge03=PSS-B777!EICAS, 1251, 869, 502,667gauge04=PSS-B777!EFIS, 498, 507, 380,362gauge05=pss_vars!pss_vars, 0,800,50,50gauge06=PSS-B777!Autopilot, 878,507,1170,363gauge07=PSS-B777!LeftBottom, 0,1415,1018,121gauge08=PSS-B777!Gear, 1753, 869, 295, 667gauge09=PSS-B777!Standby, 1018, 869, 233, 667gauge10=PSS-B777!Glareshield, 0, 507, 498, 362gauge11=PSS-B777!Post, 1376, 0, 481, 510gauge12=revspray!revspray, 0,0,10,10 // Reverser splashOnly use this bit if you have the Shockwave lights.[Vcockpit01]Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024visible=0pixel_size=1024,1024texture=$VCGauges1gauge00=PSS-B777!FMC, 0,0,323,512gauge01=PSS-B777!PFD_Floater, 325,-2,350,350gauge02=PSS-B777!ND_Floater, 675,-2,350,350gauge03=PSS-B777!CLOCK, 699,513,170,172gauge04=PSS-B777!MFD_Floater, 350,512,350,350gauge05=PSS-B777!STANDBY, 870,513,159,448gauge06=PSS-B777!EICAS_Floater, 0,512,350gauge07=PSS-B777!AP_ALT_vc, 325,430,100gauge08=PSS-B777!AP_SPD_vc, 325,350,100gauge09=PSS-B777!AP_HDG_vc, 325,378,100gauge10=PSS-B777!AP_VS_vc, 324,408,100gauge11=PSS-B777!compass_V, 325,459,100gauge12=PSS-B777!RadioAct_VC, 426,350,100gauge13=PSS-B777!RadioStby_VC, 425,378,100gauge14=PSS-B777!RudderTrim_VC, 527, 350 ,287gauge15=PSS-B777!TrimInd_VC, 701,686,89gauge16=PSS-B777!XPDR_VC, 426,405,100gauge17=shockwave_lights!SW Lights, 1,1,1,1 //shockwave light
  14. G-SWSM

    3D Lights REDUX for FS9 - question

    Guy's.NO Hits on FPS Whatsoever.Whatever you do, GET them, there great, and it does indeed make a big difference to the enjoyment on the sim.I'm enjoying Night Flying once more.A couple of little quirks that you have to get used to though, they can seem a bit too bright during the day, and the installer is way too finicky, we have had to try and find ways of confusing the installer, as at some point some of our add-ons have done something somewhere that their installer doesn't seem to like / find.Apart from that no problems at all.PS I would have liked a completely MANUAL alternative, kind of what the 9Dragons guy's gave us, as I like to know Exactly what I'm putting in the sim.Someone posted a suggestion that all you do is make a dummy folder with two files in it, FS9.exe and the EULA.Rtf, but that still didn't work for some.
  15. Hi All,and thanks for the info ED, point taken.But I have a new one for anyone.I'm trying to add the reverser effect to these two babies, and I am having a problem because I can't figure out where the engines are in the aircraft cfg.can some kind soul please post the locations for the Alphasim C5 and C141 please.then all I have to do is add the line of text after is for the effect to kick in when it's raining.I did try this[sMOKESYSTEM]smoke.0 = -4.15, -63.35, -1, Opensky_revspraysmoke.1 = 7.35, -41, 1, Opensky_revspraysmoke.2 = 7.35, 41, 1, Opensky_revspraysmoke.3 = -4.15, 63.35, -1, Opensky_revspraybut it keeps making the effect all under the aircraft, not where it should be beneath the wings where the engines are.Many thanks for your help.