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  1. Hi.Whats the effect called, and where can we get it please.It looks similar to an effect that was around some time ago called blue smoke effect, or something like that?Thanks.
  2. Hi.I would also like to get rid of the VC's. Can you detail how you did it please, and what / where you got the necessary software from.Thanks.
  3. Hi.I think it's pretty much hard coded into the AI files in FSSorry, but I don't think there is a way. great if there is though.
  4. Hi.This tends to come up from time to time, and I find myself sitting on the fence when it comes to this question.The modern day motherboards are apparently coming with great quality sound compared to older boards, but, does not the same rule apply now as when it did then ?For example, years ago we were told that if you want to free up valuable resources then you should get an add-in sound card. This would also improve the enjoyment of any Sim / games because the add-in sound card would literally sound much better.Does this not mean anything any more?I'm no sound engineer, but, as well as using MS FS I also use some of the more modern games as well. So if I bought myself a new rig which was all up-to-date as such, then would I be wasting my money by purchasing something like whiteknight suggested as opposed to just using the on-board sound?Any thoughts would be most welcome on this.Thanks. (PS I am not trying to start an argument, just to get some views. Has anyone had on board and then gone over to a s/card and found it much better etc)
  5. Hi.A link would be useful, then we can have a look too.Thanks
  6. Hi.I didn't know about this, is it any good??A link would be welcome.Thanks.
  7. G-SWSM


    Hi Mike.erm, I think we got our wires crossed. I wasn't trying to say or hint that you were wrong or whatever. I was referring to all the posts I have read around the net when googling etc that adding more than 2GB of RAM to XP is a pointless exercise.I am stuck with my Intel P4 3.0Ghz HT CPU though, as my Abit IC7 MAX3 mobo won't support anything higher so I am told. If anyone knows better of course then please feel free to jump in.I am just trying to give my older PC a bit more life while I get the money together to get a whole new machine.Thanks for the replies though all the same guys.
  8. G-SWSM


    Hi.Just reporting back.I have installed the 4 Gigs, and Windows has picked up 3.6 of it, What a difference this has made. FS even loads faster now and I can honestly say it runs better too.Screen refresh times are faster etc.Windows XP Pro itself loads and shuts down quicker too. I'm glad I decided to give this a go. If you recall I had a dodgy stick before and was having problems with FS quitting on my frequently, but this has now been rectified too and I have done some extensive testing by throwing everything at it and still no problems.I have even upped the settings on the REX for FS2004 clouds to the full HD ones now at 1024x and it looks fantastic.Just thought I'd share this with you all in case anyone else is wondering about doing this, but has been put off by all the negative reports about RAM and XP.
  9. Hi.Very helpful of you BillW. I always wonder why people reply to a post when they offer absolutely nothing whatsoever in the form of Help.Jerry.Here is the direct link to the BlackViper web site, and I have linked it to the Win XP page. http://www.blackviper.com/WinXP/servicecfg.htmScroll down a little and look at the table lower down, it shows the things that can be turned off safely, especially for people such as yourself that are running a FS only PC.These things described in the table can be turned off and on by using the "My Computer" icon on the desktop.Simply Right Click on the My Computer icon and select Manage. Then you will see a new window open up, scroll down until you see the item marked "Services" and them Maximise the window.Look for the things described on the BlackViper web site and just double click on them in turn. At each one you will get a small window pop up, in there look for the middle tab marked Log On and select "Disabled" then click on apply and move on to the next item.Thats it really, nothing too complicated, then re-boot the PC when finished to set the things you have just altered.The other program that magnum_force was referring to is a freeware program, and I use it myself. Just be careful with it at first until you get used to it. Again unlike some here is a direct link. http://www.malwarebytes.org/Click on the link on the left side marked "Download free version" and you are away.Hope this helps you.
  10. G-SWSM


    Hi Guy's.Thanks for the replies. Yes, the Mobo can handle them as they are the type for the board, and the board recongises 4GB anyway.Thanks again.
  11. Hi.I have an older rig now, and untill I can get it together for an up-grade I was thinking about something.I have been given 4 Gigs of DDR RAM, and although my machine has 2 Gigs in there right now, one of them is bad. So I thought about ripping them both out and putting in the two sticks of 2GB.Has anyone else done this? did it do anything for FS at all?I know that Win XP Pro 32Bit won't see it all, aparently it will see 3.25 G. But what the heck it's here so I might as well use it.Just curious.Thanks for any insight.
  12. Hi.Try telling us what you want to do and then maybe more people will be able to help you, or make suggestions for you. But give them a clue as to what you are trying to achieve first.
  13. Hi.I hope you get some help from someone in here. I too would like to know if this can be done.I love the way the LDS APU sound ramps up from nothing to full power.Thanks.
  14. Hi.Whats this "Air Shadow Gauge"I haven't heard of this before.Thanks
  15. Hi WolfgangI don't know if it's possible in FS9.1, but to be honest that Shadow in that picture looks very weird to me.
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