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  1. Hey, that did the trick! I can only think that installing these other panels modified fs9.cfg, because I do remember checking that very line many years ago. I only change elements of fs9.cfg when necessary. thank you very much!
  2. My issue with invisible lights is that I had them for POSKY, TDS, SSP, etc., aircraft; now they're gone. Might there a file other model or AIR missing from somewhere else? I was trying out a panel for the POSKY 744s and am now thinking that something got erased. thanks. John
  3. I thought that AES has to add airports independently of FS2004 (i.e., it's not running). Isn't it that you do run both when you're configuring the various elements (jetways, fuel trucks, etc.) for a new aircraft? Also, you do have sufficient "points" to add a new airport? John
  4. hi, do you have the earlier version installed? I might be wrong about this, but 2.41 is an upgrade, not a completely-new version. I recently did a complete install of FS9 with a later installation of AES 2.41, which didn't work. I then removed 2.41, installed the ealier version, and then installed 2.41. Everything seems to work fine now. John
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