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  1. Before I ran the Windows 10 Install, I did the compatibility test. Everything, including software, checked as good for Windows 10 to install. I also checked with a local computer shop and they said that Windows 10 was good and, I'd have no issues. They told me if there was problems, I'd be able to roll back to Windows 7. Well all that was lies. FS9 will not load at all, I can only get FSRealWx and the Screensaver program to run. When I try and run FS9 (even as administrator), nothing happens. Windows 10 will not let me uninstall FS9 (for re-install), that causes a freeze up. I cannot roll back to Windows 7, says the Windows 7 files were removed. I use to be able to save images and text files in my Pictures and Documents folders, can't do that anymore in Windows 10. I refuse to install FSX, to complicated for this old dog.
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