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  1. I love the whole 'one world' thing however I'm also a bit worried. One of the things I used to love about FSX was VATSIM and flying in controlled airspace with only limited examples of idiots/griefers. I can just imagine trying to fly an ILS approach to Rwy 16L at YSSY only to be smashed by some word not allowed in a Cessna.
  2. Unfortunately this is the way of the world now (micro transactions) and is the necessary evil which allows MS to make FS2020 commercially viable. It can’t be all bad though - if it’s limited to liveries and stuff you only need to pay for what you want. I’m wondering if this is MS’s version of Steam where they do get a cut out of everything sold. Like I said though, this should hopefully keep the studio in business with maintaining 2020 and allows all the third party devs to bring in new stuff. Unfortunately though to have a look at where this is a bit overdone, just have a look at DCS (where you have to purchase every aircraft, map other then default and for stuff like WW2, the asset pack that turns it into WW2).
  3. Damn, I stop visiting for a few days and whammo! Okay, here's my $0.02 worth (increasing based on the pricing wording used in RSR's post): - FSX is dead. MS have pulled the plug on it. - P3D is the way to go...its probably FSX v2 BUT its continually being developed/enhanced. For me, thats the plus. I'm all about using the latest technology (mostly, I still like my DC6). - I will be purchasing the academic version of P3D v2 for about $60. Nice...cheaper than FSX initially. I'm assuming I will be purchasing the PMDG B737 for P3D when it eventually gets released for say $70. The rest, I'll try and port over from FSX. All in all, I'm not too fussed. So much anger and angst. Its like the old FSX vs FS9 heated discussions, lol. Way to go PMDG....onwards and upwards I always say. I look forward to having only P3D on my PC and getting constant updates from LM into the future.
  4. Dammit. I'm sick and tired of hearing about this damned PMDG woodpidgeon and not hearing ANY updates from the devs. DAMMIT I WANT ANSWERS!!! where is my woodpidgeon with autopilot and FMC??? where where where where where???
  5. Don't disagree re pricing for crap products, however the ability to sell millions of units does highlight that the general public have a different view of these products. I will buy the 777 eventually (c'mon its a PMDG product) but just not right now. The ultimate price WILL have an impact. Maybe if PMDG released the 777-200F with a certain PMDG wood pidgeon (complete with working FMS) in its cargo hold, I might think seriously of purchasing it now rather than later....
  6. Oh really? damn it was that long ago I've forgotten. Either way, $80 is way too much for me....not when I've got other full games to purchase for the same amount (or even less with cd keys).
  7. whoa thats steep. Yes I know, high fidelity, quality, etc etc. From memory the NGX was $45 or something which is about right for an addon in my books anyway. There is a crapload of games coming out in the next 2-3 months so I'm having to stretch my limited resources. I'm talking about: - GTA V - BF4 - FIFA 14 - Don Bradman Cricket 14 - NBA 2k14 each one of those is about $80. *sigh*
  8. I'm also a big fan of this. I'm assuming you're using 4x as the max 'supported' cruise time accel? I've always tried using up to 8x on long flights (which brings say a 7hr flight down to 2hrs in total with manual landings/takeoffs) - I'm assuming this won't give me too many problems right? I think the one thing that used to stuff me on long cruises at high time accel is the sudden and dramatic shift in winds when FSX updates winds aloft (many a time I've come back to seeing my B767 skipping along the pacific ocean because of it).
  9. sorry, let me rephrase...yes Mil is in there...explosions/weapons/etc isn't...until now (VRS Tacpack). I say open it up and make FSX a multifunction sim!
  10. actually, I disagree - I say, put the military into FSX! I saw VRS just released their Tacpack which provides their F/A-18 with weapons. I for one would love to have weapons, etc incorporated into FSX. Yes I know the potential issues with rogue pilots going online and shooting down airliners however I'm sure if that became a problem (and I've seen it happen on VATSIM already although the guy was just being a nuisance with his fighter jet) there would be ways to fix/monitor/police it. Imagine the ability to incorporate past and present air conflicts in fsx using proper landclass, etc. Anyway, I'm probably going to get flamed for this but bugger it...I think its worth it.
  11. awesome, finally some aussie voices!! I miss my 'Ian' voice from the LevelD 767...seems kinda weird doing a Virgin Aust flight out of Brisbane with an american accent!
  12. Worst purchases: - ORBX YBBN and YMML - absolutely BEAUTIFUL products but pretty much made my fsx unflyable. Try landing your B737 online with VATSIM and other traffic at 3 fps! - Majestic Dash8 - controls were/are horrible
  13. When it comes to flying...I love the actual hands-on flying part...not the sitting there staring at dials drinking coffee part...thats monotonous and boring. Thats why I prefer short haul flights - constantly busy with charts, talking to online ATC, etc etc then into descent, approach and landing. I'd go insane if I had to sit at my pc for hours on end doing nothing.
  14. just on that....what sort of short-haul routes are there for the 777?
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