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  1. I love the whole 'one world' thing however I'm also a bit worried. One of the things I used to love about FSX was VATSIM and flying in controlled airspace with only limited examples of idiots/griefers. I can just imagine trying to fly an ILS approach to Rwy 16L at YSSY only to be smashed by some word not allowed in a Cessna.
  2. Unfortunately this is the way of the world now (micro transactions) and is the necessary evil which allows MS to make FS2020 commercially viable. It can’t be all bad though - if it’s limited to liveries and stuff you only need to pay for what you want. I’m wondering if this is MS’s version of Steam where they do get a cut out of everything sold. Like I said though, this should hopefully keep the studio in business with maintaining 2020 and allows all the third party devs to bring in new stuff. Unfortunately though to have a look at where this is a bit overdone, just have a look at DCS (where you have to purchase every aircraft, map other then default and for stuff like WW2, the asset pack that turns it into WW2).
  3. I flew in one of these from YGLA to YBBN a few weeks ago - sat literally next to the port engine - was worried that I'd have my eardrums blown out but was VERY surprised - was pretty normal and/or quiet.
  4. hey mateThere isn't much in the way of updated scenery in fsx for Fiji other than the default, however there are a lot of smaller airports (in Fiji) which are missing :( I tried asking one of the scenery designers on the ozx forum but he isn't into designing any more - the best available is for FS9 however when I try to incorporate into FSX, you end up with airports in mountains and stuff.There is a pacific mesh available at Flightsim.com which does help significantly however the short answer to your question is no. I know pacific island simulations (I think is the name) is a small fsx scenery designer doing up airports but they haven't responded to my request for Fiji, however they are doing other airports around the pacific.The beauty of flying for Air Pac is the ability to take the -700's into small pac island airports.if you do find any, please let me know.
  5. she's a thing of beauty...well done again John. I've started doing Air Pac routes for my VA (TAAG) - did NFFN-NFTF (Tonga) and return last night - I spent most of the time just admiring the bird.
  6. John....that is just simply beautiful. thank you VERY VERY much!!! :) I shall be giving this bird a bit of a workout!!
  7. ha ha....I won't talk about my landing (which I did....just). lets just say I'm glad I ordered the 'arrestor gear' upgrade for my B737 so that my almost 1000 fpm 'landing' was easily absorbed. next stop? Queenstown!!! mwa ha ha ha ha *pees pants*
  8. lol Crankpin...take your time mate...I'm currently enjoying the Air NZ livery but not the approach into Windy Wellington
  9. c'mon baby....fingers crossed for the Air Pac B737-700 WL repaint...c'mon baby :)
  10. ahhh...you're a legend mate! funny how Air Pacific isn't that well known yet the Air Pac repaints still usually have thousands of downloads!! Really appreciate it mate.Cheers
  11. nice paint job btw mate...took it for a spin last night (YSSY-YBHM) and it looked beeeautiful!!.now if only I could get someone to paint the 700 WL model in Air Pacific colours *begs* :)
  12. hey guysis anyone able to paint an Air Pacific B737-700 WL? pics are on airliners.net (can't paste link here unfortunately).
  13. what do you do to get those landing lights? do you need to add shockwave lights to your CFG file? for me, the landing lights don't show up much.
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