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  1. Hello everyone! I have this annoying shadow that appeared out of nowhere..does anyone else have these issues? I use Steve DX10 Fixer and I also use Nvidia Inspector..I had my CFG tweaked from the group on facebook a while ago and this showed up not to long ago..I did change my FLIGHTSIM.FLT file so all my planes are Cold&Dark..could this affect it? Here are the pictures... https://www.dropbox.com/s/diumbo5gi64gfj6/fsx%202014-12-31%2017-21-27-61.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqi56o8rti7ni2b/fsx%202014-12-31%2017-21-49-14.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xv8slx93j4n50h4/fsx%202014-12-31%2017-21-54-30.jpg?dl=0 Just to add, the shadow isn't there when I'm in the "top down view"...and when I start moving and turn the camera, the shadow gets either bigger or smaller.. Thank you!!!!
  2. Hello Brian and Alex, I wanna thank you for the replies! I'm pretty sure you have made a lot of people very very happy. On the other note, I am enjoying my NGX more and more as the days go on. And I love that you have mentioned a new update with the Emergency NGX...super super excited!!! I would totally ask when the release date for that will be or even an estimate but there are a tons of people here that have issues with that. So let's keep that as a surprise, shall we? I do have one question tho, as for the voice actors that you are looking for; are those gonna be the people that reply to our checklists? Ex: FO!? Or just the flight attendant? Thank you very much! Best regards, Jason
  3. So, I know how excited everyone is for the PMDG 777 coming out. But to be honest, I am as excited for the FS2Crew for the 777 as the 777 itself! I just absolutely love what the FS2Crew guys did with the NGX and I know they will not disappoint with the B777 either. This is one exciting flippin project! Thinking of this is making me more and more anxious about the T7..it's a good thing I have the NGX to calm me down! :lol:
  4. I'm not trying to "rush" or influence PMDG in anyway possible to release the 777 sooner. Like I said, I am a patient person and I know that the wait will be well worth it. Yes, there are plenty of posts about this in the forum but is it hurting anyone? It sure isn't hurting me. Doesn't matter how many posts on this topic I see I always like to read them just to see what people are talking about. For the people that are bothered by it, no one is making them read the posts. Oh and just to add, I'm not trying to sound like a d**k just speaking my mind that is all.
  5. Ok, so the finals week is just around the corner. And when I mean around the corner I mean next week :-0! I would love, love if the T7 came out this weekend. Would definitely help me out with studying. Nothing like doing a nice trans-atlantic flight while studying for your Commercial FAA Test :-D..but I can or we can only dream, huh? Usually I am pretty patient with PMDG and their release dates but the love for the T7 is just eating me from the inside out! One more thing! I would love to thank PMDG for their products and their amazing, amazing job on the reality of their products.
  6. Hey guys, I have the same problem. I just moved from FS9 to FSX and I have the KORD, KJFK, and PHNL from Dreamteam..my gates are there but no buildings. :-( when I uninstall the scenery, the default works just fine..so lost..I also have EGLL from UK2000 and it works perfect..no problems at all. If anyone has a solution to this, please share..Thank you! Best Regards, Jason
  7. Long hauls are perfect for me to study for sure! Especially when I need to study for my Instrument Rating..will be taking one very soon :-) EXCITED!!! Cannot wait to start flying the T7!
  8. WOW! I didn't really think that this would blow up like this :-)..love to see all your comments. I have to say that this paint job is kinda of growing on me. The change would be nice and like some of you said that they have no other choice since the new planes are made from composite material and not bare metal. Maybe this will actually look very nice in person..Once I see one I'll definitely take a pic and share with all of you! I live by O'Hare so AA operates out of it..kind of excited to see what will come :-D
  9. Good one..I just showed this to my teacher that used to fly for AA..I thought he's gonna throw my laptop out the door! :-O..but yeah, I'm not a fan of it either..it reminds me of AeroMexico or Aeroflot..not a fan..they should at least stay with the Chrome Polished Finish..I hope this is not the final paint... Just an FYI, I don't know if this has been confirmed...I am hoping it's not. But I guess will have to wait and see huh?
  10. So I was scrolling through my facebook this morning and one of my friends posted this one..I do not know where he found this or anything but just thought I would share since there was a post the other day about the new AA look...enjoy!
  11. Hello everyone! I have a little issue while flying the 737NGX..This only happens while I am cruising. I'll get an engine fail and after about 5sec they kick back on.. I've been trying to figure this out but I'm drawing a blank.. Help please! Best regards, Jason
  12. Well I haven't looked into it for a while so didn't wanna jump into conclusions. Is it finalized? And I really can't see the combination of those two paint jobs looking good...unless they do something totally off the charts...guess we'll just have to wait and see....
  13. Well, let us see what happens with the new paint scheme since US Airways is talking about buying AA out..I can't even imagine how that combined US Airways and AA paint scheme would look...yuk!
  14. Thank you very much sir! I guess that is what I did and didn't really catch on..I will most definitely try this out as soon as I get home from school... Once again, thank you!
  15. Morning everyone, So I have recently moved from FS9 to FSX and the first thing I did was went and purchased the NGX and the FS2 Crew..I have asked this question on the FS9 forums but got the answer I was hoping not to get. So here it goes for FSX..when I run FSX and FS Crew is there a way I can have the main sounds run through my speakers and the FO voice run through the headset. I use a USB headset so I don't know if I can change something in the FSX settings or it's impossible..The other day I was flying and I connected the headset after I started up the FS Crew and somehow it happened. It was amazing flying because all I heard was the ATC and the FO in my headset while the engines and everything else was coming out of my speakers. If anyone has an answer please share.. Thank you! Best Regards, Jason
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