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744 stick shaker in t-storms

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I have observed that on approaching to land as well as on climbout in nasty weather--such as t-storms with wind shear, etc.--the stick shaker will go off intermittently and repeatedly as we are buffeted heavily. At certain times in this bad weather my airspeed can be + or - 10 knots in each direction in under a second. However, at no time has my speed fallen into the red bricks or minimum flying speed zone. Does the stick shaker go off intermittently in these circumstances because it predicts perhaps that if the rate of speed bleed continues, I WILL indeed go into a stall ?Does it work thus on the real Queen?Jonathan

Jonathan Sacks

Dell XPS Gen 4, Pentium IV Northwood extreme 3.8Ghz, 3Ghz RAM, eVGA 7900 GTO,

12 GoFlight modules plus MCP-PRO AP and EFIS, GF pedestal, CH rudder pedals,

CH throttle quadrant, 42" LG LED, 24" DELL LCD, Windows XP, FS2004, FSUIPC 3.96

FS Autostart 1.1 (Build 11), FS Navigator 4.6, UT, FE, GE, REX, PMDG, Level-D, PSS, etc.

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This is an inaccuracy of FS's weather engine and the way it handles winds unfortunately... Just ignore it for the most part I'd say. In real life a super extreme and fast windshear on approach in the opposite direction of flight could probably cause the aircraft to stall, but that is an extremely rare event.

Ryan Maziarz

For fastest support, please submit a ticket at http://support.precisionmanuals.com

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