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PMDG 744 Repaint

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Hy everybodythis is Gilles, sorry for my bad english, but i have a problem i would resolve in re-painting 744 PMDG.When i see my repaint job of the 747 PMDG, the textures in FS are blurred instead of sharp. I precise that it's not an error of my graphic card because the originals textures of the 744PMDG are sharp.So i describe you how i do to repaint my aircraft and please let me say what is wrong and what is right.I download the paintkit on pmdg site.I use the PMDG_747_FUSE_LEFT_T.psd file open it in Photoshop et do my repaint on layers.After that, i link all the layers in one layer.Then i use the 747400_Fuse_Cut_Template.psd to cut out the fuselage sections and to place them in the 747400_Fuse_Layout_Template.psd file.Then i save the image in bmp in 32 bits mode and with the advanced options in Photoshop (i click on the radio button X8 R8 V8 B8.After that, i open DXTBMP.exe and open the texture then i re-saved it (Save As/Extended Bitmap/Extended 32bits 888-8)and finally replace the file in the 744PMDG texture folder.BUT texture is blur. Its only when we are very closer that the texture become sharper.Please repainter, i enjoy to repaint this beautiful aircraft but help me.Gilles MenghettiLFMN

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