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Guest jonathan c

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Guest jonathan c

I Have 737-800/900. I recently downloaded a liverie for a VA in which i had to enter manualy. But when i do this it never shows up in fs. Plus PMDG freezes i cant add any more liveries even the ones from the oringinal disk.Im am using a Dell Dimestions 9200with Windows Vista Home PremiumThank you Jonathan Carr

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Go to the aircraft folder of the model you are adding a livery to. First open the aircraft.cfg after making a safe copy.For each livery there is a (flightsim.x) section. The first starts with .0, the next .1 and so forth. There can not be duplicates and the .x numbers must be in sequence without a skip. Here is a section regarding my 737-800NG KLM livery:(fltsim.3)title=B737-800 KLMsim=B737-800model=panel=sound=texture=KLkb_checklists=PMDG737NG_CHECKatc_id_color=0xffffffffatc_id=PH-BXHatc_airline=KLMatc_flight_number=737ui_manufacturer=Boeing-PMDGui_type=737-800 - 2D Cockpit Onlyui_variation=KLMdescription=Boeing 737-800 with CFM56-7B26 enginesnPrecision Manuals Development Groupnwww.precisionmanuals.com nFor use with BOEING 737: The Next Generation by PMDG nFor Technical Support please visit www.precisionmanuals.comvisual_damage=0atc_heavy=0kb_reference=PMDG737NG_REFI have substituted parentheses for brackets because of a forum posting limitation.Note the line "texture=KL". In that same model folder should be a sub-folder called texture.KL which contains the image files for that livery.It is likely that the livery causing your problem is defined by the last (flightsim.x) section of your aircraft.cfg. Check the format of this entire section comparing it with the example above. Then look in your texture.xx folder for this livery to see if the image files are there.Since you can not use the PMDG livery install files, I suspect your aircraft.cfg has errors in its format. You may want to delete the problem section in aircraft.cfg (make sure no .x sequences are skipped) after making a backup and see if the aircraft loads OK. If so try the following method to add your livery.The easiest way to add a livery is to:Create a folder in the model folder (under FS9/aircraft) called texture.xx where xx denotes an arbitrary unused id to hold your livery paint files.Make a saved safety copy of aircraft.cfg.Open aircraft.cfg in notepad which is text only. Copy, then paste, the last (flightsim.x) section leaving a blank line before and after. Increment .x by one.Edit the texture= line to add the texture ID characters you used to ID the texture folder. Edit the atc_, ui_, and title =, and any lines I missed to fit the livery/airline.Recheck the format and save the file. Load the aircraft in FS.When you are choosing your aircraft make sure the model in the preview display shows OK.If you have a problem, close FS and reopen that aircraft.cfg. Change the texture= line to the ID of another known working livery folder under that model folder. Save and temporarily rename the texture folder that is suspect to sometghing other than texture.xx. Try loading the same model variation again. If it then works (but with thw rong livery) then you have now isolated the problem to the image files in your desired livery folder.If you still have a problem then I suspect a corruption in your aircraft.cfg.If it does turn out to be the image files then redownload them, delete the ones in the renamed texture folder, put the name back, and place the newer image files in there. Edit aircraft.cfg texture= back to this new folder .ID.If you still have a problem, if your VA has a forum, see if you can get help there. You might need to make an adjustment to your FS9.cfg file (Display) section. I don't think it affects model texture files but in your FS setup/display/hardware settings you can try reversing the setting of render to texture temporarily to see if it helps. Be aware it might affect other texture rendering in panels and scenery so do it with caution. Note the change and be ready to restore it.If I missed any bases, I hope someone else will contribute.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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