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PMDG NAI On During Decent (Question2)

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While the NAI ON altitude prediction in the FORECAST page does make a significant difference to the FMC calculated VNAV decent path, am I correct in saying the PMDG B744 *does not* accordingly reduce a little output thrust when the WAI/NAI are swicthed on? Assuming this is true (ie, the thrust reduction has not been modelled), then for us sim drivers, is it better to not input a NAI On altitude in the FORECAST page for our purposes?I ask this because doing so would alter the VNAV NAI OFF path to a VNAV NAI ON path, but the non-modelling of thrust reduction would mean the aircraft will want to alter from this calculated NAI ON path (because even if you switch NAI/WAI to ON, thrust is going to be more excessive than predicted).At least if we were to leave the entry blank, the aircraft would decend according to a normal VNAV path, rather than an altered "NAI ON, reduced thrust" path.But let me say, I rarely have problems staying on the VNAV decent path (NAI ON, OFF, or there is/is not an predicted altitude entered). But like fuel and arrival times, sometimes I get a little 'obssesive' about being "spot on" - in this case staying on the VNAV decent path for as long as possible! :-wedgeAnd of course, I'm just *assuming* PMDG has not modelled the thrust reduction when NAI/WAI is on.I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on my theory of leaving the entry blank would theoretically provide less deviations on the way down?Subin

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