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  1. Subs

    Testing Approximately All of the Things

    Hi Kyle, I was wondering if you could elaborate further on how (or how much) the ACARS/CPDLC/SATCOM can be used, or interacted with, when we only purchase the -8 without purchasing/using the GFO mode? For example, when not using GFO, would random (or not so random) messages still come though ACARS? What about interactions with Activesky so we could request wx?. I assume the CPDLC does not for example, give climb limits or other functions of ATC with a pretend controller? And assuming we're not actually talking to anybody, other than perhaps a 3rd-party ATC or company addon, the SATCOM functions would also be typically 'unused' unless running in GFO mode? Would you be able to talk about how or what happens with these new functions when GFO is not being used? Thanks, Subin Jacob.
  2. Hi Scott, Thanks heaps for the reply, you're a champ :) I followed your instructions (I would have never been able to find the detail that you did), and finally it seems my sim is also back to normal. I just did a couple of quick slew flights here and there and all seems ok. Hopefully I might get in a quick flight at the end of the week which should confirm the fix. Thanks again, Subin.
  3. Hi Scott, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I've only had a few minutes here and there to attend to the issue so I haven't been able to get in-depth into looking at the problem. This morning I updated to the Fall Update (1709) and it didn't help (I didn't expect it to, just thought I'd bite the bullet). Previously I didn't have to get P3D running after starting AS, as I just did the 4.0 to 4.1 update which allowed me to start P3D. Then having thought all was well, I started AS and then P3D wouldn't start again. Before that I thought UTLive might be causing the problem and ruled it out by disabling it. Thanks a million for the 'Delete Generated Files' trick, it worked a wonder :) I tried that today and could get P3D to start up. When I have some time, I was planning to do a file comparison between what files changed between before AS starting up and after AS stating up. This might help the HiFi guys narrow it down for us. Rgds, Subin
  4. Hi Scott, Did you find any answers to the issue you had? I am having the exact same problem as you listed and haven't found a solution yet. I did end up updating P3D to 4.1 but still P3D crashes just as you described. I haven't had the time to reinstall AS yet incase that helped, thought I'd wait for any solutions you came across first. Also, the "P3D utility to clean up things" - which utility is that? I just updated from 4.0 to 4.1 so hadn't needed this yet, but I may need it if no one has any ideas with this one. I'm also running Win10 1703 and haven't installed the Fall Update. Please report back if you do find something :) Thanks, Subin.
  5. Subs

    Look at these wings

    There has been one question I'd been wondering about ever since PMDG implemented wingflex, and how it possibly contradicts a 777 documentary I saw quite a while ago. Firstly though, this post is intended to understand the how/why/what/where/when - not suggesting that PMDG got it wrong or anything like that :) In the doco, Boeing was testing a full size 777 wing by physically pulling the tip up until the wing broke. This was to confirm their computer modelling of how far the wing could bend before the structure of the wing failed (and where along the wing the failure would occur). The bit I always remember from that doco was that one of the reasons behind the test was the example situation where the airplane is flying straight and level at cruise and during an explosive decompression, the pilot would need to push the stick forward to begin a sudden and rapid decent. A wire-frame-type computer simulation (Boeing's computer simulation, probably created during design of the 777) of that event showed that as the pilot pitches down suddenly, the wings would actually flex upwards towards it's limits. In the PMDG birds though, pushing the stick forward flexes the wing downwards, and pitching the nose up flexes the wings upwards. Could anyone enlighten me as to the aerodynamics of sudden pitch changes and the resulting direction of the wingflex as a result? When suddenly pitching down, why would the wings droop down? In basic terms, I assume the wing is no longer loaded and the lift vector is much smaller? Thanks, Subin Jacob.
  6. Subs

    Credit card stolen after a simmarket order?

    I too had the same issue about a year ago when I tried to purchase from SimMarket, except my bank had flagged the transaction as high-risk, with a known history of problems. They stopped the payment going though which was lucky for me. This is an Australian bank who uses CitiBank to mange Visa cards I believe. I still get regular spam from SimMarket every single week and it doesn't stop it no matter how many times I unsubscribe.
  7. Subs

    Refueling time

    ...And it's even better that no one has chimed in with a FSX vs XP comment about refuelling [yet] Oh no I hope I haven't jinxed it! Seriously though, thanks to all with all the knowledge, it has indeed been a great thread Subin Jacob.
  8. Subs

    Refueling time

    Hi Al, Would you be able to comment on the OP's other questions about when the flight crew might arrive (eg 2 hours early for a large fuel to load)? I would suspect the dispatcher would have a rough idea about the fuel load, get the loading started, and then a final on-load or off-load in conjunction with the pilots after ZFW is finalised and the time is closer to departure? Romain, great questions! :) Regards, Subin Jacob.
  9. Subs

    GMT-Time Toggle

    The problem I have is sometimes I like to plan a flight to coincide with a particular local time (such as to make a curfew, or during sunrise / sunset to enjoy the view). In FSX I would go to the startup screen and switch between Local and GMT to find the timezone difference. In P3D I haven't found a way to calculate the timezone for any particular airport because of this bug. I tried to google maps which show timezones but it's not always accurate especially if your airport lies along a borderline, or if daylight savings come into effect for some months of the year. I even kept a list of timezones that FSX uses (but only for airports I had been to before). I wish there was a way to extract the timezone for every ICAO airport code in FSX / P3D and display the corresponding +/- GMT values in a .csv or something like that. I'm sure someone with the knowhow on inspecting .bgls would be able to do this but that kind of thing is way over my head. I guess in the meantime, what is the easiest way to work out the timezone for a particular ICAO code that one maybe planning to fly to today? Thanks, Subin.
  10. Subs

    Just Finished A 20+ Hour Flight In The 77L Sp1

    ...What's youtube? :wink: (Just jokes) Subin
  11. One thing that really confuses me is the date format difference. In Australia we use dd/mm/yy, whereas in the States its mm/dd/yy. Sometimes when you're trying to mentally order a date list in your head, you have to go down the list to check what format it is first (ie. if you see 05/14/13 you know it's dd/mm/yy as there is no 14th month. But you don't realise until you're half way through the list and you have to start all over again!). The other one is the airline schedules - "Winter 13/14" or "Fall13". For the life of me, I can't figure out which one is newer than the other. Trying to find the latest AI schedules in the library is a nightmare! Anyone have a good rule of thumb to remember the schedule cycles? Subin
  12. FLEX1978, Your last comments about the difference between using derate & assumed temp, & the ability to control the aircraft in an asymmetric condition was interesting. I never knew the calculations took asymmetric factors in account. Is there anything you could expand on, makes good reading for those of us who are interested in learning about how things are done in the real world :-) Thanks, Subin.
  13. Hi Capt Piccaso,I'm glad I found you here, I was waiting for you to post at the RC forum again, after the requests to include the MK Airlines callsign etc some time back.I have two questions for you :()1) You had mentioned that MK Airlines are going to be registered to the UK by the end of 2007 - has that changed the use of callsigns? Can you confirm M-K-A is still used, and not KRUGER AIR?2) I have AI repaints for MK Airlines, but have been unable to find flightplans to use for the AI. I'm assuming you're the best person to ask, for any (if not the latest) MK Airlines AI flightplans? Do you have any you could share, or would you know where I could get some?Thanks - if you happen to read this you can reply here, or preferably at the RC forum. I feel a little guilty for hijacking this thread :()Thanks again,Subs
  14. I'm not entirely sure, may have to ask the r/w controllers & pilots, but I think an airport is *not* a valid waypoint in a IFR flight plan. Of course, NDB, VORs, etc are, but airports are not.Just thought I'd give you a heads up, before someone with r/w experience chimes in :()Subs
  15. Subs

    Wanula Dreaming Update

    Interestingly, I think Qantas must have decided against painting the GE engines this time around on the -400ER as they did with the previous bird (VH-OJB), because of parts needing to be interchanged between aircraft.Scenes like these became common after a while ;)