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  1. Great news! Finally. Thanks Pete! Thanks Dave to inform us!
  2. Any chance to get this feature in future updates? Just to use VHF2 for ATIS . (P2A Config->ATC Settings->P2A provide the ATIS on VHF2)
  3. Pete, you don't have any estimate, this year or next?
  4. Vote, vote guys! 🤗 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/sdk-for-ai-traffic/262304
  5. Guys, communication with AI traffic is very important. I think we need to request Microsoft/Asobo to provide possibility to control AI aircraft by 3rd party programs. SDK still not available for AI traffic and that means it is under development.
  6. That is why I stated in this post that if we want professional ATC, only external programs able to do so. But Asobo should provide (maybe via simconnect) full control for traffic for external software.
  7. I totally agree with you. I also expected to see new professional ATC in FS2020. I am a litle bit disapointed. But we should keep in mind that new sim oriented to different customers and mostly for non professional pilots. Difficult ATC procedures will scare off them. In Episode 8 I can see almost the same FSX ATC, but with some improvements, such as SID and STARS. Personally, I only hope for external professional ATC program. In my view it should consist of (at least): 1. Voice control The interaction between NEW ATC and customer should be by voice. The ATC engine should recognize different variations of pilot phrases (According standard phraseology principle). For example: “Paris Ground, Air France 123, Request start up”, or “Paris Ground, Air France 123, Request start the engines please”. Or another example: “Paris Ground, Air France 123, Request taxi”, “Paris Ground, Air France 123, ready for taxi”, “Paris Ground, Air France 123, taxi please”. Of course, for unexperienced pilots text instructions and answer option should be provided. Also, would be awesome to have voice control feature for “key assignment” in MSFS options. For example, we just record phrase “gear down” and assign it for gear down EVENT. Voice control for everything! I also hoped for new TTS technology in MSFS2020. Just imagine, it could provide different controllers accents with real pronunciation, so many different ATC phrases. 2. ATC engine The ATC engine should be able for flexible management of customer aircraft and traffic aircraft basing on ICAO standards, rules of flight, country regulations, FIR restrictions, weather and actual / predictive situation. 3. Databases (DB) The management should be based on different databases such as: Navigation database (ND) - airways, SIDs, STARs, APPs, Go-Arounds, MEA (minimum enroute altitudes) and other related data. These data are required to control position of customer aircraft and traffic in the air; FIR database (FD) – this DB should include data of vertical/lateral boundaries for related airspace and it’s sectors, radio frequencies with their callsigns, time operation/vertical and lateral boundaries, class of airspace, restricted areas (boundaries), minimum altitudes (MORA), flight levels regulation, vertical and lateral separation limitations; Airport data (AD) - this DB should include the information of RWs data, taxiways routes, controllers boundaries, callsigns and frequencies. In other words very similar as afcad files, but with enhanced capabilities. User Data (UD) – customer flightplan, callsign, flightlevel (altitude), flight rules (IFR/VFR), departure time. The flightplan required for ATC engine to lead customer aircraft on route, monitor the deviation (for example weather avoidance), provide shortcuts to waypoints. Departure time might be used for delay regulation (traffic sequence). All DB’s should be able to update and edit. 4. MSFS2020 should provide the ability for third-party programs to manage traffic on the ground and in the air. This is the main problem that did not allow the developers of third-party programs to implement full AI control. Regards
  8. I hope LM will develope new ATC and traffic engine. Because actual ATC/traffic simulation is heritage of FS9... We need more real, more difficult, more advanced ATC control.
  9. The upcoming JS41 PMDG will be capable with F1 GTN. Maybe PMDG also can get arrangement to use Majestic/Qualitywings GNS-XLS in JS??? Why not? Many addons commercially use TFDI RealLight and TrueGlass...
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