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  1. I might poorly explained my experience. I learnt that pressing the CALL button gets an audio response from the cabin crew. I thought there is a list of things you can ask them to do and they would respond just like the button version when opening the fs2cew FMS sec system, FA page. The arm slides and cross check was a mistake as you are right in that its not something the crew report to the pilots generally. But I can see on the button version there is diversion, delays etc which then the crew respond. Just wanted to check that there is no voice options for those commands
  2. awesome thanks, will update my manual
  3. Alright, but would it be possible if we call them on the intercom we just get a general acknowledgement like "ok captain" as they do answer the PA call. And a certain word like "crosscheck" warrants a "ok" response? Just a thought.
  4. Thanks for your quick respones! I hope that an FO option and more SOP come in the future, but I know that needs sales. Perhaps with the new MSFS and the CRJ there might be more customers. You really need more youtube videos on this up! A few boys and himself are building CRJ sim, all at different stages and this product is so good in combination with our single seat setups. on point 4, can you ask with the consulting Pilot when would stab and Mach trim be done in there SOP as the default CRJ checklist mentions it but it would great to match up with the FS2crew flows. P.S. will try and do a video for YT with our sim setups and fs2crew when able. best Philip
  5. just wanted to check a few things as I am not too familiar with this airlines SOP. 1. After cleared to lineup and wait by ATC is their no cleared to enter runway check? PF announces "Cleared to line up ..." and maybe a respond checked by the FO? example 2. Is there no takeoff check for "lights and strobes"? Or is this another silent action performed by the PF with no checks on this particular airlines SOP? 3. Climb thrust check when set? I have heard that usually when climb thrust is set its announced by the PF and checked by PM. Just wanted to check again that this is omitted from this airlines SOP. 4. When originating: Mach and Stab trim are disengaged, are those items not part of any checklist with this SOP to engage them at some point? 5. Are there more SOP options planned for the future? e.g. American, another European airline? again love the software. Cheers Philip
  6. awesome. So things like arm and cross check, which is available as a button press I can see, is that not also available as a voice command? I can see several options the popup display for FA calls
  7. Hi, love the crj fs2crew, just getting started. I noticed in the manual states I can select the "CALL" button in the virtual cockpit to speak to the cabin crew. Can I only make request use the buttons commands or can I use voice commands? Same goes for the ground power. I cannot find a physical button in the cockpit to call ground but I believe it to be the "Mech" button next to the right FMS. http://www.smartcockpit.com/docs/CRJ-00_and_00-Communications.pdf see page 9
  8. I have yet to purchase the license, but just want to confirm this is the quality of the graphics? Currently using an iPad mini 3rd generation. Similar results showed with the iPhone 8+ Image link: MCDU-A320 kind regards Philip
  9. I don't believe I mentioned API. The cheapest and only method I am mentioning is copying and pasting FR24 'on the ground traffic' which is in a table format. Gate info is not available on any site as far as I know for all aircraft (including GA and Cargo) and limited to aircraft having there transponder on all the way to the gate if you want to capture it in real time (not always the case). My proposal is purely to park known real live traffic currently on ground in its most accurate form. Gates could be assigned using flight number and data from PSXTraffic xml files that have captured movement previously and/or assign manually in clumps e.g. EKCH Parking Groups: Terminal 1 = Gates F2-F15 Cargo Ramp East = C12,C14,C15,C16 Flight Number & Aircraft Assignment: "SAS, CRJ9, SK458, Terminal 1" "DHL, ALL, ALL, Cargo Ramp East" this would require the user to assign gates to a grouped area i.e. Terminal 1 (which they would have to define or download a shared file). Aircraft would park at the appropriate size gate based on ParkPos data. But once that is defined could make quick work assigning traffic in the future. Users could assign specific gates for specific flights but that would be up to them.
  10. understood, this will most likely need to be converted. i.e. create a excel table that converts.takes the aircraft type into ICAO format and puts it into its own column. If I can, I will get my friend to help who could write this into the code instead of excel sheet. In fact the ICAO code is there, its in the same column as the aircraft registration (I have highlighted it in bold): 13 Sep 4:13 PM (08 min ago) R44 (OY-HHD) Robinson R44 Raven II Private owner - 13 Sep 4:02 PM (19 min ago) E195 (OY-GDB) Embraer ERJ-195LR Great Dane Airlines - 13 Sep 4:00 PM (22 min ago) C525 (D-ILHC) Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1+ Lufthansa Flight Training LH9973 13 Sep 3:39 PM (43 min ago) CRJ9 (EI-FPK) Bombardier CRJ-900LR SAS SK1215
  11. Nico, you have done an amazing job so far so regardless we are better off with or without such a thing. I would love to write an APP but have very little knowledge of programming otherwise I would gladly do so. I might try and commission a friend to do it. My initial thought was just taking the data and pasting into a spreadsheet that could somehow be read. Perhaps a custom spread sheet that makes it easier to adjust certain criteria and that could be compiled by a simple app. The reason FR24 data for on ground is really interesting is it captures traffic that are not frequent i.e. Copenhagen had the Crystal 777 and a Maersk Gulfstream the other day (this was captured by FR24 as on the ground traffic). Its also great for spotting diverted traffic as well. I don't think an XML can be downloaded or linked unless you create a custom plan with them, but for $1.49 a month it copy be a simple copy and paste, convert and compile and voila you have the real aircraft currently on the ground! I will speak to my friend and see if he is willing to help. I guess the program would have to read the ParkPos file of the selected airport and use the coordinates of the gates and override the traffic written (perhaps with some user input or an option of automation or manual gate selection)?
  12. unfortunately not, but it does give you most of the time the flight number it arrived on. The monthly subscription is a very small $1.49! hope this is something that can be developed! thanks Nico
  13. Hi Nico, thanks for replying to my previous post. I actually had a thought that maybe easy for you to implement that could used to override the parking system or compliment it perhaps. I believe many people use FR24 and with the cheapest (paid) subscription, i think its 1.99 a month, you can see up to several days of data of accurate aircraft on the ground. Its actually easy to copy the information out of the page as its built in a table format. Would it be possible to perhaps that this info could be pasted easily into a .txt file or similar and ask PSXseeconTraffic to use that data? example image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RCkmv9e2acGtDbwBd4UlF4mcTDqxWcb3 heres the example pasted from Aalborg Airport (copy/paste): 13 Sep 4:13 PM (08 min ago) R44 (OY-HHD) Robinson R44 Raven II Private owner - 13 Sep 4:02 PM (19 min ago) E195 (OY-GDB) Embraer ERJ-195LR Great Dane Airlines - 13 Sep 4:00 PM (22 min ago) C525 (D-ILHC) Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1+ Lufthansa Flight Training LH9973 13 Sep 3:39 PM (43 min ago) CRJ9 (EI-FPK) Bombardier CRJ-900LR SAS SK1215 12 Sep 4:22 PM (23 hrs ago) SF25 (OY-TKX) Scheibe SF-25C Falke Nordjysk Svveflyveklub - 12 Sep 3:13 PM (25 hrs ago) C172 (OY-GTM) Cessna F172N Private owner - 12 Sep 10:49 AM (29 hrs ago) E195 (OY-GDA) Embraer ERJ-195LR Great Dane Airlines - 09 Sep 5:14 PM (03 days ago) P28A (OY-BLO) Piper PA28-151 Cherokee Warrior Private owner - 09 Sep 3:42 PM (04 days ago) C172 (OY-AJM) Cessna F172N Skyhawk Private owner - 07 Sep 11:42 AM (06 days ago) TAMP (OY-IMR) Socata TB-9 Tampico Private owner - kind regards, Philip
  14. Hi Nico, I noticed one airport I frequent a lot does not get sufficient data to create a "parking" file as the aircraft turn off there transponder before entering the ramp area. How difficult would it be to create me own parking file? Its a small airport, and pretty easy to assign an airline/aircraft to a stand. thanks for the hard work on all this! CP
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