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Brake temperature and IRS DC questions

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HiAfter severl times flight with new PMDG744X, I find myself have a little bit questions about break temperature.I fly 747-400 FS9 verison for a long time, and during the landing I always using autobreak 2, and never get the message of "BREAK TEMP" after plane stop. But this time in 744X, I always got "BREAK TEMP" message on my EICAS. I am wondering if this is abnormal...Second is IRS DC messages, I have no idea why I got this message even I have my 2 APU GEN on, the only way I could slove this is to swith my "standby power" switcher to BAT then back to AUTO. Would you please give me some explain on this?Regards,James




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James,do you have FSUIPC 4.xx installed?If so, check if "Extend battery life" option (Miscellaneuos Tab) is enabled and set to infinitely (0) This solved the "IRS DC" and "Brake Temp" problems for me..Regards,Joerg Alvermann

Joerg Alvermann
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Guest gilbnx

I am using FSUIPC 4.20 and am also getting the IRS DC (for L,C,R).Unfortunately, there is no "Misc" tab. You are probably using the paid version of FSUIPC? All I see is "About + Register" and "Logging"...Is there any other way to correct this problem?

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