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  1. Thanks for the work, that's a very useful mod.
  2. Thanks so much for this setting recommondtion here, Bill. I used to have the same problem with KAV.With ASX(SP3 Beta) and FSUIPC 4.25(Registed). I use recommand setting from HIFI sim, that is, use FSUIPC wind smooth instead of ASX's own. With this setting I don't have sundden wind shift up to 180 degrees. I do notice that FSUIPC seems try to keep the wind direction during some situations, but I still have the same problem as what KAV said. After able the "suppress cloud turbulance" the erratic behaviour seemed stop on my side. Kav you can try this with ASX to see if the erratic behaviour stop. James Q
  3. Sorry to trouble you here again.I stil have this problem.I have no idea why, even I use the FS2Crew panel. Should I reinstall?Also I found after start up, the F/O will turn off the APU, then he will turn on it agian...
  4. Hi BryanThanks for your reply first.I am sure I follow the tutorial and the video word by word. The only thing that I didn't follow is I use PMDG lesson's Cold and Dark Panel instead of FS2Crew's I am wondering if this is the problem.I will try that later of the day.Regards,James Q
  5. HiI follow the P/B and Engines start video tutorail from the FS2Crew website to start my PMDG 744X's engines, but I got problems here.When I follow the video to give the FO order to start engine 3,4. The FO will switch all the fuel swich to on then switch 3 and 4 engines' fuel switch to off, so is the engine start swich on the Overhead panel. I have to do the engine start manuelly, I wonder if this is the bug of this edition or it is my error.Hope to here your reply soon.Regards,James Q.
  6. Well I have one problem here.For FSX versionThere are 2 liveries for China Airline, one is traditional, another is boeing dream livery with flower tail, but...They are same on the website, all traditional...whould you please check that or it's my mistake?
  7. Here is my favorite1. My favorite Engine Variant: RB211-524H2. My favorite livery is Brisish Airways GCIVX, which is made by Ben Hewitt, thank you. But right now I am waiting for FSX...I fly for BA Virtual...3. For this point, I love VC captain seat.4. Airport... London Heathrow (Aerosoft Scenery London Heathrow 2008 ) and VHHH (I spend most my control time there on IVAO)
  8. I don't think this is caused by hardware, because I don't have this issue when I fly the older versionn of 744X with the same hardware I use right now.Regards,James
  9. I got the same problem here.I already make a post before, this time I disconncet my Hosta Cougar and CH Pedal, and I try to use my X-52. Problem still there, and I didn't have this problem with earier 744X edition.James
  10. I fly the update version of 744X, but every time when I land my plane, I find autobreak doesn't work, even I selected it to 2 or 3 position, it will automatic swich to disarm postion as soon as the main gears touch down.I am using CH Pro Pedals with Hotas Cougar joystick, so I wonder if this is caused by my CH pedals coordinate with FSX or it is a bug from 744X?
  11. HiAfter severl times flight with new PMDG744X, I find myself have a little bit questions about break temperature.I fly 747-400 FS9 verison for a long time, and during the landing I always using autobreak 2, and never get the message of "BREAK TEMP" after plane stop. But this time in 744X, I always got "BREAK TEMP" message on my EICAS. I am wondering if this is abnormal...Second is IRS DC messages, I have no idea why I got this message even I have my 2 APU GEN on, the only way I could slove this is to swith my "standby power" switcher to BAT then back to AUTO. Would you please give me some explain on this?Regards,James
  12. Very happy to see that you made such a great improvement on 747-400X. But there are more I am hoping here...First is "EFC TIME" fuction under the HOLD mode. I noticed that this funtion could not be used here. When I fly online I always try to make my FSX time same as real time, so during some fly-in activities I think this function is quite useful. I am wondering if PMDG Developing team could add this function in the future updates...Second is "Pos shift" under the "TAKEOFF REF" pages, I wonder if you could add this function available. Also for the REF speed, I am not sure about real world productures, during my free time I try to watch some video which were recoreded in 744 cockpit,among one of them is Virgin 19's cockpit,I noticed that first officer explain the caculation of ref speed by using speed, payload charts together with weather information. So... I hope in PMDG's Queen of sky, you could also make this possible by setting the difficult level here. If people who fly this Queen is a expert flight simulator fun, he have to use charts and weather information to caculate the ref speed and input them into the FMC. For a person who just fly this great plane, he may not be able to do this so let FMC to caculate the ref speed for him...Hope to hear from your opinion about my idea...
  13. Many thanks to PMDG developing group, I fly FS9 Version for a long time, now I can start my FSX with Queen of sky...Also thanks for the discount, 50% is really a very good deal.I already begin my trip with your new queen, looking foward to hear more news about MD11.Regards
  14. Hope you can think about widescreen LCD. I think right now more and more people begain to use Widescreen LCD. will you consider to have widescreen format 2D panel?
  15. Very happy to see that you have a new websites. Everything looks perfect. Also I get good news for PMDG747-400X and MD11, which are my most wishes add-ons for FSX.Hope you can get these done very soon. Oh, don't rush, I am sure you will provide us a wonderful add-on.Just a question, is there any update or additional to the avionics' system for 747-400x compared with FS9 Version?
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