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  1. Hi Scott, strange. Might be that the SimConnect.xml is only required to handle connections from a remote machine in a networked environment. My last bet (and since you have it working in FSX): Simconnect comes in four different versions. It doesn't harm to have all four versions installed in parallel. In fact it's recommended by PMDG to avoid issues. So i would propose to install all 'simconnect.msi' from redist dir, i.e. ESPv1, FSX-RTM, FSX-SP1, FSX-SP2-XPACK (subdir retail\lib) I just reinstalled my P3D machine from scratch including all SimConnect versions. TrackIR worked out of the box without any issue (i have no FSX installed this time though, but that shouldn't impact) Regards, Joerg
  2. that's ok.. just noticed it's working in FSX you say? Assuming it's running on the same OS installation, simconnect configuration for P3D might not be complete could you check if you got a file 'SimConnect.xml' in %APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\ ? if it's not there, copy the 'SimConnect.xml' from %APPDATA%\Microsoft\FSX\ to %APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\ and then report back..
  3. Hi Scott, do you have simconnect installed? Track IR won't work without, and it's not installed by default anymore during P3D setup. You'll find it in 'redist' in the P3D main folder. Cheers, Joerg P.S: blue lights? my lights are green as well
  4. Hello Klaus, what dou you expect to "see"? Would you expect some visuaI indication? I don't know but don't think there is a visual indication in RW when you pass the Tropopause (with Tropopause being the boundary layer between Troposphere and Stratosphere. Tropopause height varies between approx. 6km and 18km ) What in RW should be recognized though: In a climb above Tropopause, with increase in height, Static Air Temperature (SAT) won't further decrease but is supposed to remain almost constant. With even further climbs one would expect SAT to raise again. Not sure how ASN deals with Tropopause (i.e from where it derives the height of the Tropopause), but the effect of constant SAT above a certain height can be seen in the aloft data provided within ASN, and is expected to be fed into FSX/P3D. Joerg
  5. might be worth checking whether CPU or GPU fans are kicking in frequently to lower either temperature. especially if you're located in UK, or continental Europe, given the record breaking temperatures we're experiencing right now. Joerg
  6. not exactly.. you need to balance your settings first to be able to reach more or less constantly the desired fps. Let's assume you've done that, and you're happy to reach more ore less constant 30fps.. here's my 'setup' to reach smooth 30fps. P3Dv2: - frames limited to 35 << that's my sweet spot. you might try various other settings here, and see if it makes a difference - v-sync on - TB unchecked NVidia Inspector: - Vertcal Sync : Use the 3D application setting DXtory: - limit: 30 fps I found the best smoothness if the external limiter is set to one of the adaptive v-sync refresh rates, i.e 60, 30, 20, 15 Hope that helps...
  7. I am an Nviida user an have tested the NI limiter. I found the NI limiter to make no difference whether on or off. Not sure at the moment if it worked at all. So, not the sane results, at least for me.
  8. yep.. tested that beforehand.. but it didn't make any difference for me. I think it's a valid tip nevertheless. I'll give it at try in FSX lateron. Free CPU cycles are rare with FSX running, and TrackIR might benefit from a higher prio. I'd recommend to stick with the settings that gives you best results WITHOUT using DXtory. Without DXtory, i had the best results with the internal limit set to 35 fps & NI Vsync to 1/2 refresh rate. I kept that settings and use DXtory 'on top'. Increased smoothnes with banks, turns and head movements.
  9. Great find!!! Excellent results, indeed!! So far, P3D V2 turned into a microstuttering mess as soon i moved the head (TrackIR). Outstanding smoothness now.. :smile: internaly locked to 35 FPS (unlocked might give better results with certain AC) externaly locked to 30 FPS Hope it's not introducing CTD's, though.
  10. Robert, you're welcome. I see your 'problem'. (What a wonderful old desk). I've had to move my desk out of the way. It's now at the right hand of my setup. All is placed in a room where nobody bothers about the optical appearance..Two questions though from my side..- What's that program with the (moving?) map? Looks interesting..- The mountain on the photo in the background.. is this K2 (westface)?(quite offtopic but im curious)Regards,
  11. WOW! Alex, Welcome to the 3-screener club ;-) I'm a bit puzzled by the question how you setup the windows with the outside views, but anyway, nice to know that your HW is sufficient to drive this setup. You must push the PCI Bus to it's limits ;-)I just recognized that you live in wonderful BC. I hope to see Vancouver Island the next time i'll be there (3 years gone since my last visit to Whistler)Regards,
  12. Ryan,thanks a lot.I would never have spend that money without companies like PMDG. You're bringing Flightsimming to this extraordinary level.Thank you for this wonderful Aircraft!Regrads,
  13. Robert, I would have loved to add more pictures, but the fourth monitor is currently grounded at the vendors maintenance facility, since it broke down 2 weeks ago :-( I'm impatiently awaiting it's return. I didn't had a chance to test the 747X with this setup so far..The monitors used are all standard 19" running in native 1280x1024. (no widescreen). From an WinXP point of view, the 4th monitor is the Mainscreen. The Windows desktop ist extended to the secondary - the TH2GO - display. That's why FS starts up on the 4th screen with a 1280x1024x32 resolution.Then i rearrange the panels. (I'll use your .FLT suggestion in the future ;-) The outside view moves to the TH2GO screen, and is resized to span all 3 screens. The TH2G Screen is also used for the Overhead (placed on the screen in the middle), the Throttle (left screen) and the Comm (right screen) panel. That way i have 4 screens available for almost all necessary panels during preflight.The panel on the picture is the captains zoom panel, only dragged to the top of the screen. The window is not rearranged, only the gauges within the mainscreen are dragged with the mouse. You can grab any control with the left mouse key in any area that is not transparent and where a mouse klick do not lead to any action. And, yes i'll have to move the FMC that way to get access to the keypad. An additional 12" or 15" touchscreen would be a better solution to place the FMC on.. ;-) Ok, something for the future....The TH2GO montitors are placed on a cheap wooden bookshelf which is only 30 cm in depth. The rack is from a famous (at least in europe) swedish furniture store I**A. I've cut them down to fit my needs.HW Setup:Graphic: Nvidia 7950GT (for the reason of 512MB memory on a single card) with 2 DVI-Out1st DVI: single monitor (Digital)2nd DVI: TripleHead2Go (analog edition)Monitors: all standard 19" (no widescreen)CPU: Intel 6600 Core2 Duo Memory: 4 GBWarnings:I've experienced problems regarding the VC with this setup. The VC shows up on the TH2G screen, but is not 100% usable any more. This varies from AC to AC and i think it's due the 2D Panel on the 4th screen. This is especialy true for the LVLD 767. Since i don't use the VC it's ok for me.I have also tested an SLI Setup: No advantage in FS9 neither in FSX. Save the money... Hope this helps!Regards,
  14. Robert,> but is a lot of tedious work.you're absolutely right. And after the next patch, you'll have to incorporate the changes again ;-(Good to know there's another solution via .FLT files. Thanks for the suggestion. Just another little suggestion if you're thinking about further enhancements of your TH2Go Steup:TH2Go is a wonderful tool but - in my opinion - only of limited value if you prefer the 2D panel over the VC as i do. That's why i've added a 4th Monitor...Regards,Joerghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/180255.jpg
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