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  1. Looks like this will be the fix I need too! Thanks Nigel
  2. Sorry guys I didn't get an email notification of your replies. Thanks for that. Louis I would go your route if I knew which entry I need to add! (feeling a bit dumb here!) I looked in scenery.cfg for FSX and I can't see anything to identify Global 2010 in there. If you can give me a clue then I will copy it across. Thanks Nigel
  3. ceno, Thanks for that. In fact as I ran the inital part of the installer it did offer to check for updates and I accepted an update which it installed, but nothing restarted so I still got to the point I mentioned. Are you thinking I should have got the choice to use an exisiting (FSX) install, before that point? Maybe after the update I should re-run the installer and see if I get a different prompt. Nigel
  4. Michael, I am in the same situ' as Tangerine. You say the installer will offer, if the install for FSX is already there, to just add the same to P3D without overwriting the FSX install or creating another 'huge' folder! I am at the point where I am selecting the drive (the same one as FSX) and the next button is Install! Can you tell me where/when it offers to use the existing installation to add to P3D. I need some confidence that it's not going to overwrite the folder it created for FSX! Can you help me? Thanks Nigel
  5. Jimmy, That's probably good advice. The R22 will be a better bet for me starting out, than something complicated. So that's the order then Piper Arrow, Twin Otter and R22. Thanks Nigel
  6. Thanks again for that. I realise we could spend all day recommending and countering suggestions. I do take your point about helicopters needing extra training and I will go into it with that caution. I had already put the Bell 412 in my basket - 'cos there is a good review and it looks fully controllable. But maybe it is too much to handle tho' and your suggested 407 might be a better choice for a newbie. I had also put the RWDesigns Twin Otter in there, so maybe we accord on that. I also took your suggestion on the Piper Arrow. So I have 3 planes in the basket covering the range I was thinking of. So maybe I'll go with that, unless anyone wants to point out something I've missed. I appreciate your help Nigel
  7. Any other recommendations from the x-plane.org sale? I am inclined also to get a small passenger plane like a Dash 8 or ATR 72, plus a chopper. Some look very good and at a decent price to add to my hangar, but I wonder how well they fly and how much of the cockpit is controllable? Nigel
  8. Jimmy, I think that helped me this evening and possibly also because I flew the Baron (which seems one of the better stock aircraft) I was able to get quite comfortable. Was able to look around, set autpilot/flaps etc. and map some more joystick controls. I think I am getting ontop of X-Plane now, instead of it being ontop of me! Nigel
  9. Jimmy, Thanks for that. Sounds like what I need to get a proper viewpoint. I'm surprised it's not mentioned in the 'Quick flight' section of the manual. My perception in my 'quick flight' and since has not been great. Nigel
  10. Mine is Intel Core i7 5960X Haswell-E 8-Cored 3.50GHz Processor (Overclocked up to 4.3 GHz) Nigel I see X-plane.org have a sale on just now. Maybe I should start by getting myself a good GA plane. So far I am only using the stock aircraft and some suggested freebies. Maybe I will see something better if I buy. But which GA a/c should I go for? Nigel
  11. I am back after trying a few things and looking at the relevant sections of the manual, to ask (repeat) a few questions. Whenever I load a new aircraft I find myself with my nose pressed against the glareshield and a very close view of a couple of gauges. I have found some of the view point controls, but they don't seem to help much. In default view I seem to have little control, tho' in 3D view I have a bit more. But often if I am able to translate rearwards, before I am able to see many of the dials I am going through the back of the seat! So I am stuck with an apparent distance from the facia of about one foot. So I see maybe the top row of dials and a bit of the next. I can't easily look down to see the rest. But I feel I should be able to see at least the "six pack" in my main view. I am running, I believe, a reasonably capable system (it cost enough!) and have set the resolution high (too match the 4K monitor), set HDR on and AA high. But I still get 'jaggies' and a lot of shimmering from vertical and horizontal lines - much more than I had on my previous system with only half the 4K resolution. The moon, when it's showing, is a joke, looking like a circle made out of 30 squares! I have a strong feeling I am missing something. If only by looking at YouTube videos of X-Plane looking very nice. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Nigel P.S. In the meantime I am adding in new scenery (inc' AlpilotX HD Mesh) and aircraft.
  12. Thanks I will bear it in mind if ever I need such an app. Cheers Nigel
  13. IT's FIXED!!!! Turning off the on-board wi-fi stopped it! Thanks to all for your advice and gold star to JRBarrett for suggesting the wi-fi. Just shows how great this board is. I didn't think I would be taken seriously in the first place, let alone get any constructive suggestions. I really didn't hold out much hope of ever locating the cause. Thanks again. Nigel
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