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  1. OK thanks for that I will try. New subject I have just noticed the message that all Alpha testers are invited to d/l the Beta until the end of today! I have looked and found a Beta invite in my Insider app, but when I choose Show in store that just shows me the Alpha version. Anyone got the Beta and can say how they did it? I suppose I have to uninstall the Alpha myself before adding the Beta?
  2. The only forum I have found that I can read does not allow me to post. Perhaps I'm not on the right forum. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/
  3. Could anyone else who has the Alpha say where I can post problems or at least read up the known problems. I'm stuck in tutorial one, because I can't hand back to the instructor (Ctrl+Alt+X). For me that key combo just brings up a small grid over the cursor position! Thanks
  4. I am part way thru' installing (just on the large base file now). Is there a manual included with this, that I will be able to read, either online or off? Or is it all guided and tutorial driven. I prefer to be able to read about something before doing it and also as a reference if I need to relearn something later.
  5. Yes I understand, no hard feelings. Of course the Alpha is not without conditions, inc' not divulging and accepting any bugs present aswell as feeding those back to the team. But as you say at the same time we get an early look at the product.I have asked MS Store online and they have escalated the inquiry.
  6. From my current perspective (as I kicked off this partcular thread) I feel the need to. I was and in a way still am suspicious of that domain. But logging in to XBox Insider Hub and refreshing it about three hours ago. I found my Alpha offer was valid and it was showing in Insider Content. After going through the steps I find that it's available to install from my Microsoft Store account in the My Library section! So I am cleasring the decks in preparation to install it. This matter shouldn't be bothering me at this time, but I do wonder. I have pre-ordered the full version last week. But now I am on the Alpha does that mean I get the full version free on release, or at any rate some kind of discount?
  7. I'd share a screenshot but I don't know how to attach here.
  8. It seems the XBox Insider Hub is an app. So go to the MS Store and download/install then login to that with your MS details. Heh! Just refreshed my Insider Hub and it shows the MSFS Alpha under Insider Content. But it wasn't there a couple of hours ago!
  9. This is a developing situation. I have thrown out the email, but actually still have the links from it. But am reluctant to try them as they look very wrong (though the email appeared genuine at first glance). I've logged into the Insider Hub, but as others have said but Minecraft is the only software mentioned. Surely if this was a genuine email there'd be some where to go. Or was the email the 'magic key'?
  10. I hope you didn't take a step too far! But if you did what happened, I'm curious.
  11. I have just received an email offering me access to the Alpha build version of MSFS. This is surprisingly coincident with my pre-ordering the release version of MSFS!Prudent checking tho' showed that all the links in the email offer were to the domain go.sparkpostmail1.com, which on checking shows to be a known source of spam!So I mention this in case any of you think MSFS has arrived early for you!
  12. I think I was at fault introducing the question which led to the 'crash detection' sub thread. Because, though I read the manual (at least including that bit) I didn't actually change the setting. I have yet to check and do that, but I'm sure from all the responses that I will find it so and that I will be able to land successfully next time! Nigel
  13. OK I understand that, but doesn't the crash detection (aside from with the Duke) show when you have exceeded the aircraft limitations? Otherwise you could land too heavily and just roll out without being affected. It's a nuisance being bounced back to the starting position, but if one is looking for realism it's the closest one can get to a terminal event in a sim. Anyway following Rob's advice I will disable it in FSX. Nigel
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