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744X - Cargolux GE Texture Reference Issue

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Hi,Using ACA2007-Light to inspect my FSX enviornment, I came across a "texture=" issue on the GE variant of the Cargolux freighter for the 744X. I also just redownloaded and reinstalled the livery(PMDG744XF_GE_CVF.exe) to be sure the error wasn't alreay addressed.The associated texture folder is named texture.CVF. As you can see below, it seems to be incorrectly referenced as "LX-CVF" in the aircraft.cfg file.A quick fix (remove "LX-") for any user to be sure, but I thought you might want to permenently fix the livery installer as well. FWIW, it looks to me as if part of the ATC_ID string got mixed in with the texture= string.(fltsim.8)title=PMDG747-400F CARGOLUX AIRLINESsim=B747-400Fmodel=GEFpanel=VCsound=GEtexture=LX-CVFkb_checklists=PMDG747-400_CHECKatc_id_color=0xffffffffatc_id=LX-FCVatc_airline=CARGOLUXatc_flight_number=8776ui_manufacturer=BOEINGui_type=747-400F GEui_variation=CARGOLUXui_typerole=747-400Fui_createdby=PMDGdescription=Boeing 747-400F with CF6-80C2B1F engines v 2.0nPrecision Manuals Development Groupnwww.precisionmanuals.com nFor use with BOEING 747 by PMDG nFor Technical Support please visit www.precisionmanuals.com or email support@precisionmanuals.com nPMDG Developer and Customer Forum available at our website. nSounds Developed by PMDG nFSUIPC Commercially Licensed from Pete Downson nAll Artwork encoded using Digimark Technology nThank you for supporting PMDG!nvisual_damage=0atc_heavy=1atc_parking_types=CARGO, RAMP, MIL_CARGOLongAntenna=0LongAntenna2=0

Al Jordan

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