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Ugly VC in 747FX?

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Greetings all,I had my first flight in the FSX Queen yesterday and am full of praise. Mine is an E8650 3.4 OC, 2Gb Crucial ballistix, Vista 64 bit system with my trusty nVidia 7800 GT 256k Mb card crunching out the video. (For what its worth I ordered a BFG 8800 GT OC online today when it, at last, reached a decent price-point in the UK.) I have to report that I found the flight liquid, functionally A1 and in short, delightful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank PMDG for the sim and for the fsx.cfg tweaks which made a noticeable difference. When the FSX version of the Queen was 'a long time coming' I decided to take a look at the LEVEL-D B767 and quickly joined the legion of admirers of that sim too. My disappointment, if any, with the PMDG is is the colour-scheme tone of the VC. Yes, it IS a subjective thing but is the real cockpit that shade of muddy brown? Are the panel lights really yellow? Also the 'clunky' cheap-looking reflections from the glass facias of the 'clockwork' instruments when any cockpit lighting scenario is selected, are to me positively unattractive. The much vaunted 'new' and 'improved' cockpit lighting was a big in purchasing the Queen again. I don't see it. To those who will tell me its as close to the real-world counterpart as you can get I can only say that every real-world Boeing cockpit I have sat in is a symphony by comparison. The PMDG 747 FS9 VC colour-scheme was much more appealing in my eyes :-) but I don't use FS9 any more. The LEVEL-D VC (as far as the overall colour-scheme and tonality goes) is visually a work of art. I suppose its a sumbliminal thing. Ironically, now that I have a system that can truly fly the PMDG B747 from the VC I find myself using the 2D panels. Not so the LEVEL-D though.I would be very interested to hear comments from other users. I imagine its not practicable to change the colour scheme to suit a user's preference, and anyway, purists would view it as heresy. And that's fine. Perhaps I am as exacting in my requirements as PMDG thankfully are in theirs. Whatever, a pox on mediocrity. Lastly, from the Forum I see there are admitted reservations, even from within the illustrious PMDG camp, regarding the FSX version's suitability (for want of a better word) with the Vista OS. I am concerned that I never saw that mentioned 'up-front' as I would certainly have explored that potential issue before ordering. It may have been mentioned somewhere but lets just say it was not as visible as the 'no refunds' message. As it transpires, its thankfully not an issue for me, so far. I simply mention it as matter of principle.Thanks again PMDG for this stunning simulation. GarethLEAL

Gareth Wilkinson


Costa Blanca, SPAIN

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