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    Ignore all of this. I just entered many major updates to my system but the AVSIM settings dialogue decided to delete it ALL. Why? because "I exceeded the number of SSD drives"! Is a kind of punishment? Or just outmoded software? What kind of admin would live with that?

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  1. I also was told I'm too early. It seems to come down to how we interpret the date '17th'. Here in Spain it's 1100 hrs (1000 Zulu) on 17 August - the release date we were given (at least, I was) as a pre-payer. But its just turning 1am) on the US Pacific Coast. Either way it is 17th August in both places, but our American cousins are offline. Microsoft 'is primarily a sales organisation and may be working on 'shop opening hours'. Great if you live on the West Coast. Here in Europe, albeit a huge market, we have learned over the years to just wait and see. New Zealand have never been the first off the ramp. They install overnight. I simply ask: 'why doesn't MS spell it out clearly for us. E.g. when other time zones can get access to download? If only as a courtesy? Even if it is PDT for everyone. It would avoid a bit of frustration. I also wonder why we are give two dates: 17th and 18th? Was the 17th designed as a gesture for the pre-payers? I don't know, but if so, why not say so. Until I found this thread I had no idea how or where to download the program. I think I nay have have bee expecting an email with those details in it, and perhaps a KEY code. Maybe this will happen yet! Its just a question of what to expect. . Logistically launching this new sim is a huge undertaking for sure. But the customer always comes first. Cheers SUAS14
  2. Hi, I've also posted elsewhere hoping for some assistance with the odd behavior my newly installed PP Gatwick 2.2 payware. I have a pic but can't see a way to add it to this post. Basically, the APT doesn't load the PP EGKK. What I see is a different pier and large generic buildings everywhere including a long massive windowed block jammed right under the AirBridge! I'm using ORBX TE South with PP's EGKK Airport placed right at the top of the .ini file, above all other airports. Something else seems to be demanding priority despite my trying to observe the recognised .ini layering rules. I've tried everything I know including removing anything and everything associated with EGKK and even the UK from my Customer Scenery folder. That which I can find that is. Tried reinstalling. Even created a new Customer Scenery folder with just ORBX TE South (and its associated files), and PP Gatwick in it. It still loaded the phantom EGKK! The only place left that I can think of would be the XP 11 Resources folder. But surely not? All and any suggestions welcome :-) Cheers Gareth
  3. Greetings all, Thanks for this latest update. Once again the 'highly acclaimed' ESET NOD 32 AntiVirus deletes a key file on installation, as malware! (rxpGtnSim32.dll) The error message says in part: "Not designed to run on Windows or contains an error". As in the past, if I disable ESET everything installs and the GTN works as it should. This time its more annoying. It makes no difference if I use ESET's "Restore and Exclude from scans" option. I have no option but to reinstall. So if I start XP 11.11 with a GTN 750 enabled a/c it deletes the file necessitating a reinstall. I have tried to submit the file to ESET but it wouldn't send, saying tit can't find the file or it doesn't exist. Even after reinstalling and going to Program Data to selected it inside their "Submit for Analysis' routine. I will try again and report back. Meantime any comments? Have others found this problem? Does someones have an ESET work-around? Regards
  4. Thanks Dave, I'm grateful for these solutions. I'm even inspired to re-read the latest Manual <grin> Cheers, Gareth
  5. My question concerns a change of Dep rwy. Dave could you please review my logic here ... it's spoiling a number of flights and is most likely my problem. The Goal is to take off on the SIM active; via a SID; have this reflected in the P2ATC flight plan; and program the FMC accordingly. Synchronicity. Accordingly, I configure P2ATC to source SIM wx as my start point. When I fire up the a/c (IXEG) I hear ATIS confirm the Dep rwy(s) in use (I assume according to prevailing winds). Note: should I have 'actual weather' selected? I then select a suitable SID based on the SIM's ATIS rwy. I see my choices reflected in the FPL window area. I go ahead and programme the FMC based on those, and cross-check. Then when I request Taxi, ATC direct me to a rwy other than the ATIS rwy and the matching SID I chose?! My FMC FPL is now incorrect. Rather than reprogramme it I choose a different SID to match ATC's instructions. I re-verify the Pilot2ATC FPL but ATC sticks to its original taxt instructions i.e. to a different Dep rwy than the SID. What's happening? What's proper set-up procedure to avoid this? If I should find a mismatch in Dep rwys what is my best option? Hope this scans.. Love this programme. Best regards
  6. A few cups of coffee later and the Trainer is re-installed. Both the .dlls reveal no path errors and we're back in the air with the GTN, LOC/GS functioning normally. The readme.rtf instruction sheet was very useful, enabling me to redownload the Trainer. Jean-Luc thanks again for your assistance.
  7. Hi Jean-Luc, Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. Everything checked out ok so I decided the problem must lay with my Garmin Trainer installation. I searched and found multiple references to it all over my C drive. I deleted them all, and uninstalled RXP GTN for X-Plane. I then attempted to reinstall the RXP GTN but it did not try and reinstall the Trainer. So went back to re-install from there. Question: to reinstall can we do it from the RXP setup.exe or must we do it via the wrapper? With P3D it always seemed to require the wrapper. Anyway, the e-commerce installer required me to reactivate my key. Of course! But it rejected my log-in because it still requires me to use a password I have not used for 10 years now! I sorted this out with the e-commerce Customer Service back in 2014 to enable me to use my current hotmail address. I have raised a ticket with them. So I have no Garmin Trainer now and have stalled. I actually purchased it years ago for use wih FSX/P3D which I now no longer use. I would rather wait and let the RXP installer do it. In short this is becoming more of a nightmare than I really want in my 70's. I think it is time for me to walk away from flightsim. Sad but true.
  8. Greetings. I've been scouring these threads trying to find a solution to a vexing problem re the use of the 750. Expert help greatly appreciated a this point after far too much trial and error! Had it running fine, then installed Carenado Baron + REP. Found need to start tweaking and something is now clearly out of whack. Issues/questions as I identify them: 1. Does the plug-in for the Carenado install to its own folder or should it work off the X-Plane 'general' one in root folder. I use latest ver. of XP11. 2. How do I completely uninstall the RXP GTN 750 prior to a re-install? Is it more than delete ProgramData folder plus the plug-in? 3. I had the same issue as many others with the installer 'needing to update files for the Trainer', but I think that's now sorted. 4. I see I have TWO GTN 750's available. I imagine this is normal. If needing only one, which one should I use? Does it matter? Is their potential for conflicts? I mark just one unit as 'Master' and assume the other is therefore inactive? 5. Should the GTN 750 lock th default Garmin units in the Carenado Baron, B58, C172? Sometimes I can toggle the frequencies from these units (to check capture) sometimes not. Cutting to the chase ... The 750 lets me use all GPS features except capture LOC or GS, so that precision approaches via the 750 even with VLOC selected currently not available. I will happily send the Xplane.log or whatever else you might need. Regards Gareth
  9. Thank you for these helpful comments. Gareth
  10. Hi Matt, I went for 2500 initially but dropped to 2000 fpm. I think that helped. 15000? Interesting. I'll certainly try it. Maybe it'll encourage P2ATC to get me down earlier. I just tried a reality checkride KLAX to KSFO and it went without incident and a nice auto-land in the IXEG 737 just for fun. I really must find out how to set up an external view of the landing in XP11 like I used to with the PMDG. For drooling purposes you understand. :-) For some strange reason the mismatched routes thing wasn't so much of an issue. Magnetic Variation is 20-23 i the North Island of NZ, double that of California. I'm just guessing of course. But I want to get to the bottom of that. Here Dave can help perhaps. So far I totally agree, this is a terrific piece of software, brilliantly conceived and clearly a labour of love for its creator. Glad I went for it. All the best.
  11. Hello Dave, Congratulations on this excellent piece of kit. Several weeks now trying off and on for the 'perfect' flight. Been fun trying albeit time-consuming. I spent a lot of time in NZ so using NZAA-NZWN as my trial route, I've flown it several times. A few challenges to date. First, the main one which I hope you can put me straight on. MY PLANNED ROUTE: 1. Manually plan a simple route in P2A. NZAA 23L via CLARK1 SID to TPAP3B STAR into NZWN Rwy 16. Gives me CLARK - LIMES - KARRL - TPAPA - BRUDA - HUWIT - WITBY - CANES. 2. Identical Route entered in IXEG FMC. (Using AIRAC 1708 thoughout,) ENROUTE: Visually the tracks appear identical WPT to WPT. However, when letting the 737CL Lat NAV manage the plane horizontally I observe that my track south (168 deg approx) is turning me gradually north of the Route depicted in P2A, revealing a mismatch and resulting in frequent demands from ATC to fly a correction hdg (140 deg.) This in turn results in a deviation from the magenta route depicted on the IXEG Nav display. ATC soon instructs me to use 'own NAV' and so the process repeats itself. Could it be a Mag. Var. issue? I'm happy to take one thing at a time ... but the other thing I have been struggling with is something I've see elsewhere in the forum: descent profile. Too high, too late, too fast - leading to a rushed or missed approach. Even despite my editing both P2A and the IXEG altitude targets leg by leg, matching the New Zealand published AIP. ATC appears to ignore at least some of those restrictions. My best flight was when I used VNAV to control my descent path by seat of pants - a method I am very familiar with from my early training days. Of course, I have much to learn with regard to both P2ATC and the wonderful IXEG B737 Cl and would sure appreciate your observations/pointers. Best regards
  12. Given the sudden about face, to me the words pram, spat, dummy and baby come to mind. Which brings us back to the OP. I took one look at XP11 and reformatted my P3D SSD within weeks. No regrets. None, nada. I like the non-corporate non-grasping XP culture and the sheer visceral enjoyment of flying XP gives. I guess I speak as someone who knows a little bit about real flying, courtesy of the Royal Air Force training I was privileged to receive. Many others will know a lot more than I do of course, and in the end it's all a 'personal' thing.
  13. Once I got X-Plane 11 set up optimally on my rig I could not go back to P3D. The amount of money I invested in PMDG or P3D products doesn't come into the equation. If you have flown for any length of time in the real world you, especially, know what I am saying. Soon, I couldn't wait to purchase the IXEG 737 and what a discovery. All in all, and notwithstanding X-Plane's admitted limitations in various areas (scenically, ATC, etc) I am finding, even flying just the Classic and the Skyhawk, that I have at last found the immersive, visceral experience of real flying that I have been wanting in flightsim ever since the eighties. No offense here. I can only follow my instincts and for me it's a case of 'Game changed'. Regards Gareth
  14. Many thanks for your kind reply. Will we be notified via this thread when the update is live on the server? Perhaps it is there now ...? Caio
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