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PMDG, this time you've done it!

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I spent a lot of time flying the fabulous PMDG 747. In fact, I spent so much time with the Queen that my wife was wondering who I liked more, her or this 'game' (don't you hate it when they say that?). While I must admit i hesitated a bit before I told her that ofcourse I loved her more, I think I was thruthful in my answer. However, since I'm the proud owner of a brandnew MD11, all I can do is pray she won't pop up the same question, because I'm pretty sure she won't like my answer then! So, PMDG, I hope you guys know what you're doing, I used to have a very good marriage...I have completed now three different flights with the MD11 and I really must say I'm stunned with the way it flies and even more the way it handles in FSX. The performance is so much better than the 747, so fluent, it feels like a default plane! I started with the tutorial (a must!) flight from Heathrow to Zurich. I own both add-ons for these airfields so I was a bit afraid the combination of the complex airports and the MD11 would have a big impact to the performance. Well, it didn't, no stutters no freezes, no hickups, no problems! The flight itself went well, when you follow the tutorial flight to the letter you really get to know this bird, although I'm sure there is many more to learn. On my second flight I took her (is the MD11 a 'her'?)to my homebase, Schiphol Amsterdam (EHAM). I computed the FMC myself, with help from the tutorial and the manuals (I have the printed versions). Again, no problems, it performed like a dream. On my third flight I thought I would make it a bit more exciting to see if I could stress the system. So, I loaded ASX and got online for a flight on the IVAO network. This combination (FSX, ASX, IVAO)always was a bit difficult for the 747, framerates would drop below a satisfactory level but, again, this time everything went pretty smooth. I could do the flightplanning a lot quicker this time, once you get to know the MD11 it really is not a difficult plane to fly but it is so much different than de 74 or 73. I could manage to perform an almost perfect flight to Frankfurt (Airport by Aerosoft), even with the stressload of online flying, ATC vectored me several times in other directions I had planned. All in all: this is by far the best aircraft I have ever flown in FSX or FS9. Although it took a long while before it was finally released, the waiting was well worth it. The complexity is a great challenge while on the other hand the plane itself is very forgiving and it monitors and tells you everything you're not doing right. So, there you have it, I really would like to thank PMDG for this masterpiece, although I'm sure my wife doesn't feel quite the same...Sorry for all the typo's and misspells, my Dutch is a bit better than my English...rgds,BenThe NetherlandsDell 9150Dual Core 2,7 ghZ3 GB RamNvidia 8800 GTS 640 MBSaitek Yoke, CH RuddersWindows XP Pro 32 bitFSXASXXGraphics

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